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On 5/22/2017 at 7:56 AM, BlackoutZone said:

I will fix it if you promise to add it :scamhook:
Baby can't you see, we need it default_crying1.gif
Also isn't hottie originally from exhale ass queenflopga tho :hottie:

Okay, I promise I'll add it. :wink:

And idk, I found out about Hottie through ATRL... :cackle: 

50 minutes ago, deflame. said:

It would be cool if there was like a selection of gifs for every artist. Like you'd click on an artist's name and then it'd bring you to a whole bunch of gifs of them.

Not you thinking I have the time for this... :fishie: I can't imagine how many Amelia Lily gif requests we'd get. :tanya: 

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fucking yes finally

:hot :sashay:  :tea: :rip: :wig: :ofc:


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On 6/16/2017 at 0:47 AM, Third Eye said:

ezgif-3-59ce95ff1f.gif :hot ezgif-3-2d61fd1df3.gif :sashay: ezgif-3-ae7d43ae13.gif :tea: ezgif-3-b671aac21a.gif :rip: ezgif-3-11005b3997.gif :wig: ezgif-3-f1237a012a.gif :ofc:

They all got deleted boo... :'( Sorry I didn't see it in time!

On 6/21/2017 at 0:17 PM, Wild Things said:

this deserved better miss @Countess is tasteless giphy.gif

Like I always say (and no one listens to me), try using it in actual threads and if it takes off I'll add it. :morning: 

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