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So, as it's the 10th in the UK, it's time for the contest to end.... Sadly, we only had two entries, but the two entries which were entered, are perfect.

So... Without further a do...

Our winner is... Higher with their amazing album, Problem Chlid (Bebe Rexha)


The character of this Visual & Concept album is The Problem Child. A misunderstood lonely girl who is isolated from everyone else. All she wants is to belong and feel loved. The album follows her story. From lonely to loved to crazy. The story is explained through the videos of each song as well as the lyrics. If a first single was to be picked from this album it would probably be In The Name Of Love or Starlight.


Problem Child, Track one. The character is lonely and doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere. She is misunderstood and known as the Problem Child.

I Wanna Love You Forever, She sets her sights on someone (a crush) and fantasises about how it could be. She wants to love him forever… “make me feel numb..”

Starlight, Could he be hers. They are at a party together and she continues to fantasise about what they could have together. “Could you be mine” She believes they are good friends and now it is time to take it to the next level “look at us shine”

Kiss Me (Like Tonight we’re gonna die) Their first kiss at a party. She wants it to be amazing. Her first kiss. She wants it to be as if it was her last kiss (like tonight we’re gonna die)

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, She finally feels loved and is no longer the problem child. She is becoming more mature. She never wants this love to change/end. “If love is a lie its the most beautiful lie that i have ever been told cause nothing feels like you..”

Atmosphere Boyfriend leaves, they fall out of love “there isn't enough love in the atmosphere to keep you here” Keep you here because he strayed from her and cheated.

Bad Bitches Don’t Cry INTERLUDE Plans revenge “bad bitches don’t cry we just get even” She doesn’t wanna waste her tears when she can get even instead.

Over This Love, She is over him and has planned her revenge. She wants to hurt him. References to future events “now i’m holding the gun” “why does it hurt so good to watch you hurt so bad” She is out to get him. She is out for blood.

I’m Gonna Show You Crazy, Her ex boyfriend who just broke up with her kept calling her a psycho and claimed she was crazy. So she says oh well i'm gonna show you crazy… In the end of the song she gasps… You find out why in the next song.

Gone The next song is called gone. She gasped in crazy because she ended up shooting him. The lyrics “drove to your house” link with this. That she went too far and now he is dead.

In The Name Of Love She is trying to rationalise the situation and believes she killed him “in the name of love” The lyrics “I wanna testify” show she wants to hand herself in to the police but can’t bring herself to it…

Fade To Black OUTRO After killing a man she is heading to a dark place, mentally. “No  one can save you when you’re fading to black” Fading shows the police are catching on to her lies and her freedom is fading (to black). She is back to being the Problem Child but she is worse than before. This time she really is crazy.

 album cover.jpg

So, if Higher could contact me asap, please do.


back cover.jpg

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