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Marina Joyce

CupcakKe - S.T.D

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10 hours ago, Charlie91xo said:

Doggy Style though...

"we lickin' dick like Ariana lick the donuts"


OMG is that a real lyric??? I gotta get this, this weekend. I love her flow. With some hard work she could be huge. If she revamps herself a bit 

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11 hours ago, Countess said:

You have just clicked through the gates to heaven. o:-)

My friend showed me her and Uma Kompton. Then the next day i blasted their music in the car with my other friend and then my sister. 

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    • By Skinny Legend
      It's hard to believe that Elizabeth Eden Harris, better known by her rap name CupcakKe or her official title Her Majesty, has been in our lives for over two years. The youngest pop icon in the game first broke through back in 2015, when her iconic music videos for 'Vagina' and 'Deepthroat' went viral online for their incredibly deep and thought-provoking lyrics, and she's shown no sign of slowing down. Since then, CupcakKe has released two amazing mixtapes (Cum Cake and S.T.D. (Shelters to Deltas)) - as well as two albums - (Audacious and Queen Elizabitch) - for her fans to enjoy, while spreading the good news to other genres with features on songs from the likes of Charli XCX and K.I.D.
      It's a testament to the versality and range of her lyrics that CupcakKe's tracks can be transplanted so seamlessly into other artists music, a quality that's shown not just with her official collaborations but also with the fan-made remixes of her songs which have populated the Internet ever since her arrival. CupcakKe's fanbase is an avid one, and along with their daily interactions with the queen on Twitter, some fans have created entire YouTube and Soundcloud accounts dedicated to working CupcakKe's iconic lyrics into the instrumentals of other artists. Today, we'll be looking at the ten best mash-ups that have been created as proof of CupcakKe's amazing power to cross borders. Enjoy our list and don't forget to list any that we may have missed down below in the comments!
      10. CupcakKe - Vagina vs. Aqua - Barbie Girl
      Perfect For: Teaching your younger nieces and nephews about the birds and the bees with their Barbie dolls.
      9. CupcakKe - Vagina vs. Azealia Banks - 212
      Perfect For: Impromptu subway parties with people who like hard EDM beats but don't like racist, homophobic, sexist psychos.
      8. CupcakKe - LGBT vs. Lady Gaga - Born This Way
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      7. CupcakKe - Vagina vs. Ariana Grande - Into You
      Perfect For: The funerals of deceased terror victims. This track is hot like the fire of a thousand ISIS explosions!
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      2. CupcakKe - CPR vs. Lady Gaga - Do What U Want
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      1. CupcakKe - CPR vs. Selena Gomez - Birthday
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    • By Skinny Legend
      Live at the first official PHF club night for artists who nobody outside of this forum cares about!  
    • By Tweener
      It's coming on March 31!  


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