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I put various songs of these girls into a folder and have my music player on random.   I have tomorrow off, so I am staying up late.  LOL.

Leona Lewis (I could listen to her music everyday)

Kylie Minogue

Danni Minogue

Victoria Justice

Hilary Duff

Paris Hilton

Bernadette Peters (Old School Broadway singer). 

Ashlee Simpson

Ashley Tisdale

Brooke Hogan (STFU.  I like some her stuff) :)

Bridgit Mendler

Gloria Estefan (Old School Disco Queen)

Geri Halliwell (My favorite Spice Girl)

Jackie Evancho

Janet Devlin

Jessica Simpson

Kat DeLuna

Kim Petras (She needs to be on every play list)

Kristinia DeBarge

Laura Marano


Mariah Carey

Meghan Trainor (Can't leave my girl off tonights playlist)

Miley & Noah Cyrus (Can't leave the Cyrus sisters out)

This should keep my ear drums busy for a while. 

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Listening to the new neighbors moving in upstairs.  I don't know what sounds worse?  Adam Levine singing.  Or this.  They both suck.  Apartment living can be a real bummer sometimes.  Gonna be tough getting used to it. 

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I am currently listening to the soundtrack from the Original Motion Picture Cinderella - If the Shoe Fits.  Why?  Because I Can. 



Just curious.  So don't bite my head off.   But why does everyone post you tube videos.  Isn't this the listening thread?  Not the watching thread.  LOL. 

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1 hour ago, Tweener said:

What have I just watched and how can I unwatch it? 




Next time give a description first.  That was something I would never want to see on purpose.   Excuse me while I go and get the bleach.



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