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Zach's Cover Art

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1 minute ago, Tweener said:

I always loved this whole photoshoot and this photo is my all time fave of hers. I will keep the original cover in my iTunes because it's iconic, but I think that your design is astonishing! Keep up the good work :) 

Could I request a cute cover for Sophie Ellis-Bextor's unreleased songs? That would be kinda rad <3 

Aww, thanks! Sure! I'll try and do it this week sometime!

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4 hours ago, Cypher said:

@Zach back with another great piece of work! :hail: 

awww thanks lol sorry that i haven't posted anything in ages.. mainly been making country covers and know most people here arent into that. im post a couple times a week on my insta @ztmdesigns lol

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