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For the Saving Up My Love stans on this forum: there are serious chances of the song getting into the album.

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25 minutes ago, laiocferreira said:

Looks like Eden is putting an album out.

The first piece of music is coming maybe next week. She didnt annouce it yet, but a recent reply let me think its coming next friday

apparently is a compilation of songs from the toy boys era :yeah: #imsousedtogive

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3 minutes ago, laiocferreira said:

I feel like it might have some old songs, but im pretty sure she's putting some new tunes as well

that would be an amazing combination, there’s so much material and interesting titles from the toy boys that we haven’t heard ? i remember when boxers, the one and play fight leaked i was so happy to get stuff from that era

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6 minutes ago, laiocferreira said:

New info about the album:

  • American Youth French Kissing was so wrote with Bonnie McKee
  • Cinematic Goodbye (fully produced) is going to be on the album
  • She already have a title for the project, and there are clues about it on her social media

Lemme harass her some more on Twitter about Saving Up My Love..... cause..... yep yep yep, need that.

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