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Found 8 results

  1. i found some time ago that Dami Im register some new songs under her name as performer and co-write..these songs still register yet but she perform only this song when she was in Korea doing stuff idk why i mean, she had not a single at that time in August.. but she was doing a lot of radio , and press stuff in Korea... as i fan i know this song it's really her i mean is what she think" i am not a puppet" "i am not that stupid , don't need you advise" " i know what i want i know who i am " " i have a vision and i know the price " "if i have to battle i fight to the end" etc... Since x factor the "church" fans tell her to not sing pop and not use some outfit bc wast too sexy or short etc, and the non church fans wanted her to be a queen and do pop... and everyone tell her in comments what to do in her career, i think she is done of that! ,also when Eurovision end ppl and press where like she has to release something now , bc there is not going to be a momment like this again ,and she went to Africa to meet the kids that she supports ,instead of release the new single , then she come back and some time latter she release FFL (Fighting For Love) and did flop. too late. Sadly Dami believe in Destiny and not in "don't keep waiting for an open door ,break the lock and get something more" as her first single Alive... she just want to sing and don't care the charts and sales,"she is happy to sing and even get a small bounch of people on her concert," she Said that on an interview. So far dami it's getting a new original album , she has some songs already as this one but i really don't like as a Sony artist single or even as dami im single you know. anyway i don't think this is going to be on her New album i hope so.. she already posted pics on instagram in Nashville + her piano soooo.... maybe next year new album thanks to SOS & CC Success.... i think is not going to be pop this time,
  2. Dami Im sang Alive by Sia at the Commonwealth Games 2018. so far people think she saved the night, and also the funny thing about The Veronicas as backup singers for Dami Im.all good! they are friends no shade but yeah,
  3. Well! news Dami Im just posted this! : Well went better than i thought! She top her previous album "Classic Carpenters"(2016) with also #3 on ARIA and #1 on ARIA Australian Chart , since 2016 (btw she wasn't #1 with Classic Carpenters because Lemonade was released the same week and Prince passing)
  4. Aria Charts : WHO'LL TOP THIS WEEK'S ARIA CHARTS? " New releases come from Dami Im, George Ezra, The Wolfe Brothers, Jack White and more." "ALBUMS Korean-born Australian singer-songwriter, and the winner of the fifth season of The X Factor Australia, Dami Im is set to make a fourth appearance on the ARIA Album Chart top 50 this week with her fifth studio album ‘I Hear A Song’;" link: https://www.ariacharts.com.au/news/2018/who-ll-top-this-week-s-aria-charts-(12) The Music Network "ARIA CHART PREDICTIONS: DAMI IM IS HEADED FOR THE ALBUMS CHART TOP 5" " With the release of her latest studio album Friday, Aussie Dami Im has the Albums Chart Top 5 in her sights once again with I Hear A Song. The Eurovision star went all the way to #1 with her Platinum eponymous record in 2013, followed by two more Top 10 albums Heart Beats (#7) and Classic Carpenters (#3)." link: https://themusicnetwork.com/news/aria-chart-predictions-dami-im-is-headed-for-the-top-5-on-the-albums-chart The fact that she is going to get again a top5 Album and it's a cover album after 2016 Eurovision boost .makes her good? loyal fan base? i think she is going to be #4 on Aria charts and #1 on Aus Aria Chart. The official chart are out in April 1st
  5. Dami Im was in Nashville recording new music and this image now are around internet , she didn't say anything yet! she just comeback from the U.S to Australia but seems like her new album release next year in April? her past tour for the C.C Album started in 2016 till 2017- so now this kinda tour with new material ,they say. , looks like she is going to release really soon this album. "new material from her upcoming album" i just want to leave really behind the classic carpenters cover album when she was on Eurovision , Sony's fault.- GOLD album at least . i need originalsss
  6. Dami Im said on this interview that she was/is recording new songs in Nashville for a new possible album , makes sense that the album is going to be out in 2018 or maybe never so far as we know Dami tried with FFL(fighthing for love) pop track , didn't worked not loved by GP in AUS and not promotion in Europe sooo bay.. why Nashville? she is going to do a CC(Classic Carpenters - cover album) alike? i mean slow songs + piano ,that album went #1 on iTunes and almost #1 on the ARIA CHART if wasn't bcs of Prince death or Beyonce L surprise album at that time. Dami's album went GOLD and Sound of Silence went Platinum and soldout aus tour too (2016/2017).. i hope 2018 could be a good year for her.
  7. After two semifinals... we have the 20 finalist who will compete for the trophy along with the BIG 5 + Ukraine (Host) If you want to know what I think of the finalist, keep reading! RECAP OF THE STUDIO VERSIONS RUNNING ORDER ISRAEL I actually like it, It's a bop, it's sexy and funny, it will do well for sure, and it's a MUST qualifier, it won't win, but I expect a top 10 in the Final, if he takes his shirt off he would win lmao. POLAND (Calling @Tweener) The polish diaspora is ready to save Poland once again, at leaast this year they have a good song. Kasia Mós is a lovely singer with an amazing song and a message to show, she is screaming for freedom, for animal rights! I don't think this is a top 10, even if I adore it and i'm rooting for her, but like every year, the diaspora will save her. BELARUS (YAAAAAAAAAS) THANK YOU EUROPE. I screamed when this made it! this duo invites you to dance and sing in bielarusian, this is one of the few songs from my top 10 that made it, It can do well in the final, it gives me chills it's so happy and warm, they are lovely and they look amazing. good luck Belarus with your first eurovision song ever in your own language! VOTE FOR NAVIBAND #3 AUSTRIA I can't say too much about this, you may like but I hate it, this shouldn't be in the final, imo. ARMENIA Original song, good staging, amazing vocals, totally DESERVED. Arstvik will do amazing in the final, many people claim that this could be the surprise of the grand final, I don't think it can win (even if I would love it), but it will get a top 5. THE NETHERLANDS This is not good, this is repetitive as fuck, the vocals are on point, they look beautiful, but the song is not good, and I'm sad they made it to the final. the story about her mother being ill is lovely, and I'm glad they are doing this for her, i can't hate them. top 15? MOLDOVA Epic sax guy did it again, they are in the final again and it was well deserved. this is the funny epic song that the Grand Final needs. this will do really well, I'm happy for them. But it's not funny that this song called ''hey mama'' will be performance just after The Netherlands one.. HUNGARY For me this is the worst song of Eurovision 2017, I can't say too much without being rude, but this shouldn't be in the final, and hopefully they will end in the Bottom 5. ITALY Good song, bad staging. Half of the Eurovision fandom claims that this is the winner, and I really hope so if he can block Portugal for getting the trophy. Top 3 for Italy this year! DENMARK Anja sweety, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry that ugly bitch gave you the 10º place, between the two possible winners.Vocals ON POINT, Good song, good staging, hopefully she will do well. totally deserved. Australia and Denmark will share votes this year, she's a danish aussie! PORTUGAL Probably the winner of ESC 2017. After SEVEN years, Portugal made it to be in the final, and they will get the best results in their history in EUROVISION. Top 3. (I don't like the song I will never like it but imo) AZERBAIJAN Dihaj is an amazing singer and it's a well deserved finalist. top 7 for her! good song, ORIGINAL staging. she is so mysterious and rare, Azerbaijan 2016 wishes. One of the few songs from my top 10 that made it, ROOTING FOR HER. CROATIA Nobody saw this coming except me. The jury probably saved him because his voice. Opera + pop in one song? Totally deserved, even if the song is not good, this voice couldn't be out of a music contest. I see this doing well! AUSTRALIA ( @Countess what is this mess? ) Shouldn't be in the final! at least this gave us the eurovision meme of the year, do you wanna know why? go to 2:17. top 15 for them. GREECE shouldn't be in the final but it's better than half of the final. Can't wait to pretend to be shocked after Greece and Cyprus give each other 12 points, LIKE THEY PROBABLY DID IN THE SEMI. Good luck Demy you need it. SPAIN Good luck Manel, even if the song is 3 minutes of saying DO IT FOR YOUR LOVER, the staging saved it, High hopes that this won't end in the bottom 5 but I guess it will, still better than half of the songs in the final (I can't believe i'm saying this). Summertime hit. NORWAY Good song but the live performance does nothing for me. I still don't understand how this made it and Switzerland and Estonia didn't. The only song in the history of Eurovision with pre-recorded vocals, not fair at all. good luck Norway, i like the studio version! UK SHINE BABY! Good song, BEST STAGING EVER. The UK should be really proud of this because she is going to get the best result for their country in the last decade, this is a winning performance I don't think this can win because Italy and Portugal are overrated and overhyped, but this DESERVES to win. The song was co-written by Dannish eurovision 2013 winner Emmelie De Forest! CYPRUS If you want to know what I think about this, read my opinion about Greece again. ROMANIA MOST ORIGINAL SONG OF THE YEAR. This will do incredible well, they have an amazing staging, Ilinca has AMAZING vocals, I wiah this could win, well deserved, I'm rooting so hard for them GERMANY This year we know who is going to get the last place! It's Germany! (yes.. again) She is adorable but they gave her the wrong song, and the Titanium sound-alike didn't help UKRAINE good staging, good singer, bad song, bottom 5 probably. BELGIUM AMAZING studio version, good staging, bad live in the semi, She has improved a lot but the semifinal performance wasn't good at all the rehearsals were so much better and I hope she can do it again because she is my fave in the contest, & I'm sure she will. not bad for 17 year old girl! Blanche will do her best in the final, I'm sure we will all forgot the semifinal performance. One of the favorites, and the only one who has slayed the european charts already with 3 #1. Love you always SWEDEN Overrated AS FUCK. Cheesy staging, bad vocals in the semi (I know he can do so much better). It's a good song even if I don't like it. Top 5 for them.one of the favorites. BULGARIA One of the favorites along with Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Sweden. Good vocals, correct staging, and good song! Top 5 for Kristina, well deserved finalist. can't believe he was born in 2000 and he is already slaying. FRANCE EMBRASSE MOI ALMA. I adore here, beautiful song in French, beautiful staging, good vocals (She fixed them yay!). In my top 10 of 42, she is closing Eurovision 2017, she better kill it! Let us know below who are you rooting for in the Grand Finland, and let me remind you that, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Switzerland, Macedonia and Estonia got robbed. Who will win the trophy? who will take the witness from Jamala?
  8. DAmi Im interview Justin Timberlake ,about the new dreamwork movie "Trolls" where Dami is part of that movie too playing a character! on the oz version.! as troll Grandma Rosiepuff. The interview was about the Trolls movie but then went into EUROVISION TOO! and nice comment to Dami! watch here:
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