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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! Could y'all possibly do me a huge favor and like this photo? It's for a photography contest my mom entered and it would mean a lot! *and no it's not spam lol. Just didn't know how to get a simpler link lol https://m.facebook.com/ArcticCoopsLtd/photos/a.875415949312351/875416655978947/?type=3&source=57&ref=opera_for_android_speed_dial&notif_t=story_reshare Also I've been so busy with my own music and actually working on some big things that I'll share when I'm able to! ❤
  2. Hey guys! Welcome to a contest which I created for y'all because I was bored. This challenge is inspired by Melanie Martinez's album Cry Baby. How to play: Pick out a couple unreleased songs, demos, covers, remixes, ect (by the same singer) *Example: Lady Gaga - Rockshow, Second Time Around, ect* Create a concept album with that will tell a story. *Example: Second Time Around: The main character is in love with someone, but it doesn't take off. Rockshow: The main character is looking for someone new, but cannot find anyone, so she runs away and joins a Rockshow (circus type thing). Submit your album tracklist and story to me in my Inbox, include a link to each track used. Wait patiently for the contest to end. Rules: One entry per account. There must only one album artist, however collaborations they've had are allowed. (Example: Lady Gaga - PARTYNAUSEOUS (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) Don't share your entry with anyone else, just incase they enter it as their own. Don't leak the prize if you win. Have fun while coming up with your album! Don't act bitchy if you don't win. The contest closes on the 10th of August and the winner will be announced on the 11th of August. The winner will be awarded a track from my trade list of their choice! Goodluck guys! -Alex ;3
  3. LINK: https://t.co/vcVrvDTQAW The video treatment was the first step in bringing to life the magical #FeralHearts video. Win an autographed copy!
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