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  1. Is it circling again?? 👀 I also want it leaked
  2. Ehhh!! Welcome Unreleased!!! Nice to have you here!!’
  3. Does anyone know about the song Go by Camila Cabello ft da baby?? I heard of it recently and was wondering if anyone had any info about it
  4. Can’t wait for them to resell it for 10K 💀
  5. After like what.. a year or two??? Wonder who got it?!?? 👀
  6. dang ok!!! If insiders don’t even have it, then I can start to understand the hype!! Makes me wanna hear it now!
  7. Oh trueee! The biggest here is tho... WHY IS IT 3k?!? 💀 I know songs by Camila that are selling for $300-$400.
  8. Damn who here is rich?!? Wanna help us out and give us the song?
  9. Yaaa that’s I’ve been thinking too. Hasn’t there been the boy group buy before? The thing with group buys is that it doesn’t always work. I know the last few times it didn’t work
  10. Does anyone know if confused by Ariana Grande got bought?
  11. Is there a change to get this to a smaller price? Like 1K? If there is a group buy, we made to make sure its a small amount of people? I personally don’t want it to get leak lol
  12. The fact that its not even worth 3k MAYBE 1K, could understand but the fact this is 3K.. Only risk is this will leak but like if a lot of ppl join, we could pay a small amount, so its not too bad if it leaks. However we can make a even smaller group with like a small amount of ppl?
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