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  1. Ain’t Easy by Camila cabello hopeless romantic Ariana Grande
  2. Heard that ain’t easy is finally circling! Really hope to hear it soon!!
  3. She got banned from the discord server after ppl found out 💀
  4. Haven’t been on the site in three days, and I come back to an expose thread??!? Chilee
  5. Hearing On top of everything is circling
  6. Here’s the repost of the snippet: https://dbree.org/v/8a13d1
  7. Anyone know if it’s only natural is still circling? Or any other Camila song??
  8. Plus theme of song goes in line with different songs on the romance album. Def romance outtake
  9. Damnnn it sounds good tho!! It’s rough, but low key sounds better Than should’ve said it.
  10. Aww man! He was so nice! Gonna miss him and good luck to him!
  11. Anyone have info on coulda been urs??? Was a demo or is it an unfinished song?
  12. It’s only natural is coming hopefully 😭😭😭
  13. Ur gonna freak when you hear how much Ariana Grande songs run for (1K).. 💀
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