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  1. 53 minutes ago, woke girl said:


    pls i wouldnt make alt accounts to pretend to be someone else bc thats weird imo 😭😭
    however if what unreleased said was true (about believe being metrobrooming or whateva da hell his name is) then believe can attest that i am in fact the one and only woke girl and not unreleased (think back to the taxi group buy sista~)

    Oh i know you and mentioned you on a previous post about some Sassadee/you/golden and alltheluv thing for all those past grails like Taxi itself and EOY

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  2. 4 minutes ago, idrk said:

    send the source of that omg we won

    obviously if upcoming song/ singles you were supposed to surprise your dad with leaked you'd speak up and try to do damage control and stop the spread

    She basically said "in this place i have these hardcore, hardcore fans that know every single song, right?"...

    camila: scar tissue ,ya"ll know that one?




  3. 1 hour ago, idrk said:

    they're saying Camila hates leaks and to report them and mass message Roger and that were not gonna get cc3 cause old unreleased songs leaked as they do with every single artist cause its a business with many people internally involved who can be breached or hacked at any time. the thing is Camila was referring to not killing it today and first man demo leaking (which had leaked 30 minutes prior to the tweet and had ruined the surprise for her dad) with the please dont listen to leaks cause your not meant to hear them yet tweet, which were referring to actual upcoming songs she was planning to release. notice before and after this tweet she never said anything about unreleased or leaks again and in fact said she listened to one direction leaks and told harry she heard their upcoming album that leaked while in the band and happily answered questions about fans asking about leaked songs like only told the moon and scar tissue.

    She's cool w (unreleased) leaks and even calls us "hardcore fans" for knowing every leaked track LMAO they be arguing w the wall

  4. 1 hour ago, idrk said:

    Thief looks like an angel is so good I’m so shook the production the melody the lyrics are immaculate the beat is so good and catchy. Camila really stepped up her game with romance the outtakes just hit different and I feel more from them :fishie:

    Anyone is just beautiful and mesmerising I just lost myself in this song it’s so gorgeous beautiful catchy personal total eargasm

    died is ok but it’s a song she did while she was in fifth harmony in 2016 and it shows it’s a little cheesy but cute and it’s interesting to see how she’s grown as an artist and a writer since then

    Knows me I really enjoyed. I thought it would be a great song on the album after real friends but loved the song and you can tell the lyrics are personal as she discussed a lot of the topics in this song before

    I left witness for last cause it seemed people really liked this one so I’ll report back with that once I hear it I’m too tired now so maybe later today


    also Why are camilizers saying these leaks will delay CC3? Lol camila doesn’t reuse songs and these are all from previous eras


    I love Mila but i hate her fans, so weird and awkward

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