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  1. baby i'm jealous - bebe rexha feat doja cat some kacey musgraves songs
  2. he's really not the only one lol i know other 2 people who has the boy, but they aren't selling right now
  3. yes but god is a woman is vaulted and the boy is for sale, some people are trying to buy it
  4. god is a woman will not leak anytime soon but i'm pretty sure that the boy will leak before 2021
  5. i heard that an user called "soluss" on leakthis has this song
  6. camila cabello - the hurting, the healing, the loving (og debut album)
  7. please if anyone has any camila cabello song dm me, i'm interested in buying
  8. please leak spotlight by julia michaels
  9. does anyone have "let you go again" and "like you never left" by kelsea ballerini? these songs were leaked in 2016 but it's impossible to find them today

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