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  1. MichelleB

    Lauren Alaina - Unreleased collection

    Does she have any other leak ?
  2. i don't know, i just know these songs were ECAG/DKoC sessions ECAG / DKoC sessions : Crazy Ride (Revised Comp) Everything Comes and Goes (S Demo) Everything Comes and Goes (RC) I Want Tears (Revised Comp) I'm Not Gonna Follow You Home Jack & Jim (unmixed) Just Let Me In (unmixed) Long Goodbye (Niebank RC) Long Goodbye (MB site) Not That Strong (Revised Comp) Not That Strong (Restricted Release) Pretty Little Lyin' Eyes (Revised Comp) Pretty Little Lyin' Eyes (Restricted R) Ready to Let You Go (Revised Comp) Show Me a Sign (Revised Comp) Show Me a Sign (Restricted Release) Sooner or Later (Niebank RC) Summertime (Revised Comp) Take a Chance On Me (unmixed) Take a Chance On Me (MB site) Texas in the Mirror (Revised Comp) Texas in the Mirror (MB site) This Way (Revised Comp) This Way (MB site) Through the Radio (Revised Comp) Through the Radio (Restricted R)
  3. MichelleB

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    i think it's canceled
  4. A Horse With No Name Carry Me Crazy Ride (Acoustic) Creep Fall (Acoustic radio) Good Love Gravity Hey Baby Hold My Heart I'm Not Gonna Follow You Home Jack And Jim Just Let Me In Lay Me Down Lie To Me Lucky Enough Long Goodbye Losing Game No Such Thing As Friends (Demo Version) Now That I Found You Not That Strong One Night Pretty Little Lyin Eyes Spring Breakdown Standing On The Edge (live) Show Me a Sign Star Crossed (live) Texas In The Mirror Take a Chance In Me The Story of Us (live) This Way Through The Radio Time Walk Again Wanting Out World In Your Mouth Young Blood All the tracks West Coast Time sessions : Another Sun Don't Feel Like Dancing Down To The River For Dear Life For Fear Life (Acoustic) Happen to Call Here We Go Again Loud Music Mastermind Play With Fire Smoke & Feathers Sunset Cigarette Spark West Coast Time What Don't Kill Ya When the Morning Comes All the tracks
  5. MichelleB

    What is your favorite Kelsea Ballerini unreleased ?

    I have this song

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