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  1. A grown ass 33 year old man and serial abuser calling himself a "broken boy" and saying that he's "sorry for the way i behaved / but i'm not sorry for the man i became"...this is shockingly embarrassing
  2. This whole thing is just so...embarrassing. Mentioning almost entirely women of color (seriously, Ariana is the only artist she mentioned who isn't a POC) and reducing their music to being about "fucking, being sexy, wearing no clothes, cheating" while describing hers with flowery language and calling herself "delicate" and "a glamorous person"...i don't know if she meant it to but this has some real gross and, tbh. racist undertones. And implying there's no place in feminism for her? A rich, cis, straight, able-bodied white woman? Is she serious? I'd like to hope she meant well with this letter and it's just really poorly worded, but after her doubling down on it...i'm not so sure.

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