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  1. On 8/25/2020 at 6:14 PM, Music Xclusive said:


    In this topic, you may share your info about unreleased songs that are in circulation/bout to leak or being sold


    So much Livvi songs : Younger, Scandalous, Hear Me, Love Is Gone, Overdose, 2x2, Believe, Compass, Nothing, Chariot, The Way U Make Me Feel

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  2. Did you know you could see how many reputations you gave and how many reputations you received in detail ? 

    You just need to add "reputation" at the end of the link of the profil member of your choice. 

    Fo example, with my reputations :

    Ashley oo.png



    I also tried with @Whoknowsmehere to see how many negative reputations he received in his phf career. 
    Sadly we can't see negative reputations anymore. But @Whoknowsmehere has 1052 positive reputations and 1532 positive reputations received, so he got 500 dislikes i guess :cackle:




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