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  1. they're saying Camila hates leaks and to report them and mass message Roger and that were not gonna get cc3 cause old unreleased songs leaked as they do with every single artist cause its a business with many people internally involved who can be breached or hacked at any time. the thing is Camila was referring to not killing it today and first man demo leaking (which had leaked 30 minutes prior to the tweet and had ruined the surprise for her dad) with the please dont listen to leaks cause your not meant to hear them yet tweet, which were referring to actual upcoming songs she was planning to
  2. they said 'I just got it' and they couldn't be referring to a snippet cause we've had the snippet for years so I assume so
  3. I know that, but I did not know the full aint easy was circulating since the only Camila demo snippets came from the show itself
  4. Thief looks like an angel is so good I’m so shook the production the melody the lyrics are immaculate the beat is so good and catchy. Camila really stepped up her game with romance the outtakes just hit different and I feel more from them Anyone is just beautiful and mesmerising I just lost myself in this song it’s so gorgeous beautiful catchy personal total eargasm died is ok but it’s a song she did while she was in fifth harmony in 2016 and it shows it’s a little cheesy but cute and it’s interesting to see how she’s grown as an artist and a writer since then Knows me I really
  5. Who leaked the new coulda been yours snippet
  6. so happy although not abut the drama surrounding it. I just love Camila and her songs updating the thread tonight!
  7. wow this is crazy, lemme retract all my statements then I didnt know hacking sellers was involved.
  8. okay so from this so far I have from one perspective: Unreleased lied to their buyers while trading and spreading unreleased songs and not letting them know from the other: believe hacked Unreleased (and extorted nudes..?), from there they spread and eventually leaked
  9. thief looks like an angel + more will leak. y'all should be worrying about coulda been yours instead, that song had a snippet leaked half a year ago and nobody can find who has this song or is selling it im so excited to listen to anyone and the boy, it feels so unreal to me cause its been 2 years in the waiting crazy
  10. funny how all Camila grails are either circulating or have leaked y'all thought curious was lost then it was a dbree drop taxi was 'vaulted' and was a dbree drop and now people are trading anyone and the boy which will leak this year if a file can be hacked once who said it cant be hacked again which is the case for 90% of musicmafia songs so lets not lose hope especially considering apparently 4 whole people had the whole demo
  11. I have no idea what those Britney are and are you sure toy is circulating lol. Still itching for that inside hq leak
  12. I just heard it, I’m shocked at how fondly she spoke of the Britney Jean rejects maybe it really is her grail someone tap into that vault very introspective interview I liked it
  13. A snippet of anyone leaked a hour ago updating my masterpost
  14. https://youtu.be/lUrrTkDnmuc hey babes, the boy is being group bought apparently thought id post here (im not involved or anything someone sent this to me)
  15. According to someone i *knew* who had this song, it was recorded 2019
  16. Well there’s a full out there, just a snippet leaked from what I’m supposing was a seller. It’s a really rough song (it’s kind of obvious from the snippet lol) but thinking that should’ve said it and feel it twice were were written In the same week, with them being about the same situation of someone being in love with her when she could’ve with them, but they waited until she was in a relationship to say it could’ve been yours seems to thematically match these so it’s probably a rough idea from the same session that she handpicked her favourites to develop
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