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  1. Hopefully she realizes that the only queen is Madonna and accepts a duet w her
  2. Shady Boots baby! Drop Nicole and continue w the other girls. The true fans will stick around while the Nicole lovers will fall off! Xoxoxox
  3. Welcome to the board! Usually this is a Lolene and Neon Hitch only forum but we also love Britney! So happy you’re here to join us and hopefully you will stream Lolene’s new album The Electrick Hotel
  4. Why is this sad? Do you have an issue with people changing their appearance? I think she looks fabulous. Let people do what they want to do to feel beautiful, and healthy.
  5. Could we PLEASE get this topic removed from being the banner when I open the site. I absolutely cannot stand seeing it over and over! Please change the banner to Amanda Lepore or Diane Brill. Thank you
  6. Mollie King songs. I’ve had 2 people message me about them selling MK songs for extremely high amounts. im gonna wait till they leak, and if they don’t. Oh well. Stay gorgeous
  7. Can you please re-work some of Neon Hitch’s atrocious music, and help her out? Maybe re-work some of Amanda Lepore’s amazing chart topping music! big kisses 😘
  8. It was time for a change 💄
  9. Welcome! You’re like the first new person here in like forever! Tell your friends, bring them also 😆
  10. Lola Lola Lola...Lolene https://www.pophatesflops.com/topic/22048-lolene-the-lolenelovers-collection/
  11. I am uploading EVERYTHING + everything you don’t have NOW!
  12. She was dropped off Capitol because her album leaked, AND because they put her up against Katy Perry’s TEENAGE DREAM ALBUM Capitol was going to have SNOOP DOG feature in Rich, but Instead went to California Girls (even tho snoop and lolene did an unreleased song together) all of capitals budget went to KATY, and lolene got dropped. Basically she fell in debt w capital she went to def jam Very shortly after with plans to release Lola’s dancing but parted ways with them unfortunately
  13. Lolene own her own record label, a sublet under universal records. She manages artist Nova Miller. Lolene lives in LA with her husband and 2 children, and between London and Stockholm she has no plans on any new music for herself. Just developing her artist under her label
  14. What do you guys think about Mollie’s shelved debut album? Can you imagine these?
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