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  1. You’re letting a forum ran by 15 year old gays that have no life get to you? Well wishes.
  2. Ya’ll really going crazy about the track list. Just put all the songs together w a cut cover and call it a day. 😆
  3. Do you think Bonnie would ever work w Neon Hitch?
  4. Stan Lolene, Juliette Barnes, and Rayna Jaymes. No more Bonnie songs are clearly coming, but I have albums and albums worth of Rayna & Juliette!
  5. Make my day you son of a gun this love ain’t big enough… for the two of us ( this love, ain’t big enough, this love, for the two of us)
  6. Someone please share forever 21 & die happy, and I’ll send you some new noodz 🤪
  7. We need die happy and forever 21! Please anyone out there? Please share!
  8. I can leak some Clarissa Loren song titles for you guys!
  9. This love ain’t big enough for the two of us locked and loaded, this high noon make my day you sun of a gun, this love ain’t big enough….
  10. Could you imagine Clarissa Loren & Bonnie McKee Join Album + World Tour! With Clarissa’s help, they could fill stadium seats in no time!
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