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  1. Theprettyymess


    Haha, Yes! My 15 year old self posting SPAM Lolene threads on SIN was hilarious. I can’t tell you how many good laughs I had trolling, haha. once I’m back home in LA tomorrow I will upload everything I have, and get it up this week.
  2. Theprettyymess


    I am the original LOLENE LOVER. Back in the day on SIN (LoleneLovers) if you guys are missing anything let me know (I have it all) unfortunately there’s a lot that hasn’t leaked, including cherry bomb. i did speak to her and she might upload her demo CD she found.
  3. I was being sarcastic funny hence the emoji’s no harm. Just giggles. Only love
  4. Will someone please make an EVA SIMONS - EVA-LUTION ALBUM COVER? A good one! Pretty please 🙏🏻
  5. Theprettyymess


    We need the rest of these unleaked songs.
  6. Please will you remaster most of these especially All I Try, Don’t Stop The Beat, Overdose, And Love To The World? maybe bellboy
  7. anyone separating the album into 2 parts? send your album covers if they haven't been posted. I posted mine on page 1
  8. There’s one other on google and it’s atrocious

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