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  1. Please, I beg you, reupload this
  2. If anyone has an unreleased collection of SZA then,pls post it here thx in advance
  3. If someone has a solo edit or could make an edit without the Blackpink verse I'd be very grateful thanks in advance - maxiXCX
  4. If someone got it,please upload and post it here please,thank you in advance
  5. Do you have all of Sia's leaked material? If so,could you maybe send it here please?
  6. Hello,I been wondering if a HQ/Full of Sia's demo of Testosterone leaked? If so,It'd be amazing if anyone could drop a link
  7. Anyways,we are missing $90. If you are interested message Baddd please
  8. Did you get any people for the groupbuy? how much do you still need?
  9. Yes,$450 is definitely too much of a price! We have 2 Minutes in total of the song and we'll see if no one's gonna buy it,it'll definitley leak at some point!
  10. Tea,we need it! Someone else,other than music mafia is selling it on Leakth.is for 450 dollars
  11. We can post anything Pop The Balloons related here!
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