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  1. you said you bought each Myah songs a lot of money. I told you all the songs are on her patreon for only 9usd. And you said bullshit like "her patreon doesn't work" "i prefer buying from my source" lol. You are a real joke. Imagine pretending paying Myah songs so much money when you can have all for 9usd. Poor Myah, she doesn't deserve a crazy fan like you who tries making business and trade with her songs.
  2. he did the same with me lol his name is carlos gabriel or something like that. The fact he is trading the "better" song also indicate he got access to the patreon recently i guess
  3. xcluvisejams stays my favorite and main download site.
  4. Dagger by Demi Lovato https://picosong.com/wgTKw/
  5. Leak Same Old Love, The Boy, Notorious, Nothing at all please
  6. I don't want new moderator. Only @Skinny Legend
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