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  1. yea u did ban me I got this message this morning. Reason why should have been cause I got Little Mix that u had.
  2. I hate when Nicole adlibs . They all danced so well together I’m so proud of the girls. I’m glad Carmit is back I love her she is such a strong dancer. Kim just had a baby 6 weeks before the performance so I think that’s amazing she looks like that.
  3. OMG is this actually true? I would be so happy for Britney she needs to take control of her life. Her father should not be living such a lavish lifestyle while Britney has to be held against her will at a mental health facility. This conservatorship needs to end!
  4. Yea the first couple songs were good. Then that last scene was horrible. They should have just used Sia’s voice. Natalie butchered the songs, her singing voice is a tad annoying. Then they used the same actress that was young Celeste in the start to play her daughter which confused the hell out of me.
  5. The preview looked really good and with music by Sia I thought it wouldn't fail. But the film has no real storyline. Its kinda bland. It definitely leaves you wanting more.
  6. If anyone has any of these songs and wants to trade dm me please!
  7. Does anyone have Jessie & the Toyboys unreleased The One or Kamikaze?
  8. No I don't have downloads. These are all on apple music or spotify. I am simply just sharing her music because there was not a post about her on here yet. I am not requesting anything specifically. I just stated if anyone knows if anything is missing if they could mention it. thank you. I consider her new on the scene she is only 20 and just released her first professional recordings last year. I wouldn't count youtube covers 4 years ago as the start of her career.
  9. I didn't see her music posted on here anywhere. So I thought I would share her music is really good! SINGLES Headcase (feat. Hayley Kiyoko) Siren Do You Feel This Way (feat. Whethan) F*ck U MEDUSA - EP 1. Medusa 2. Discovery 3. Ghost of Mine 4. Unfortunate Soul FEATURES ON Go to Sleep - Bearson If anyone has anything else to share. Please do!
  10. Some of the news reports say he was afraid he was gonna get cut from the show. Now he is probably facing jail time and serious backlash after making this up. Apparently he was arrested in 2007 for a DUI and provided the police with a false name. This is not looking very good for him.
  11. She is way to full of herself. Bitch nobody gonna waste there time making u a dress if u act like that. She has let herself go in the last few years, she used to be real skinny. Shes pulling that fat shaming card now to get more fat fans.

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