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  1. versa

    Music Trading Thread

    Anyone with Sizzy Rocket?
  2. versa

    Music Trading Thread

    Your message box is full I cant PM you. I have Bungalow, Isnt It Possible and Billy Billy. Also a xmas song Merry Christmas, Babe. What do you have?
  3. versa

    Sizzy Rocket

    does anyone have this still and can upload them please?
  4. versa

    Music Trading Thread

    I have 3 songs by ASTR if anyone is interested.
  5. versa

    Sizzy Rocket

    can someone please upload the unreleased folder again?
  6. versa

    Maty Noyes - Upcoming EP

    porn star download - http://suprafiles.org/sxkvm0i4b66t
  7. versa

    Maty Noyes - Upcoming EP

    Its coming can't wait for her E.P!
  8. versa

    Discography Request Thread 2.0

    Does anyone have Icona Pop discography? I need Downtown, and the Nights Like This EP! please!
  9. versa

    Latest leaks

    this sounds like a bop! needs to leak.
  10. MØ Announced her 2nd Album titled "Forever Neverland" out October 19th First Single: Features: Diplo Charli XCX Rumored Tracks: Dance All Night (feat. Charli XCX) Drum Nostalgia Nights With You Final Song
  11. versa

    Chløë Black - Masterpost

  12. versa

    Chløë Black - Masterpost

    thank you so much for posting all those titles I have not heard of! Do you happen to have any of her newer stuff unleaked or any of the stuff you mentioned? can you please send me whatever u can. I would really appreciate it!
  13. Yea I am pretty sure its Kara as well. They are produced by someone else. I don't think she wanted Bobby to know cause she recorded them while they were together in the group still. Anyways, they have another song coming out in September. Its very 80's sounding. Its for the movie "Sierra Burgess is a Loser" its coming out on Netflix Sept 7. It will probably also include songs by Allie X.
  14. versa

    Neon Hitch - Wall Street

    I wonder where she’s getting the money from to release these. I hope she puts out something soon!
  15. versa

    Chløë Black - Masterpost

    Chløë Black - Masterpost Spaceman and Good Times are absolute bops! Tracks: 27 Club Cruel Intentions Wild at Heart Death Proof Groupie Waterbed Good Times Spaceman Features: Think of Me (feat. Antis) Irreversible (feat. Fhin)

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