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  1. So much for her uploading album 2 songs like she promised and teased.
  2. they did random dumps every few months of the inactive members who didn’t post anything. There was a lot of trolls and random account that would join. They got rid of the trading section and it’s also against the rules to speak about trading in the discord. The ownership changed last year as the original owner @Ari was busy so @liberation took over. I’m sure they would let you back in if you messaged a member of it.
  3. Regardless


    Dancing on Diamonds still a bop
  4. She just posted all 25 !!! https://m.soundcloud.com/evasimons/sets/eva-simons-unreleased-demos/s-vvHJkwOToZj
  5. It was never really confirmed. But I am guessing the 2009 album is most the songs she did with kizzo. The 2012 album was more dance. ROCKSTAR (2009) 1. Yodeling 2. Don't Stop the Beat 3. Look But Don't Touch (feat. Jessica Sutta & Eve) 4. Silly Boy 5. Love to the World 6. Overdose 7. Rockstar 8. B'cos of the Boy 9. All I Try 10. Exit Wounds 11. Bellboy 12. You're the Gold 13. Damaged 14. Fake 15. Static Heart 16. C Me Rollin 17. U Turn Me On 18. Downtown 19. Never Giving You Up 2
  6. EMI was going bankrupt around the time she was signed to them. I think they were bought out by Sony in 2012.
  7. She has a lot of features released. some other leaked songs. What Girls Want Summers Almost Over Ohh Na Na Talk With Ur Body feat Jason DeRulo Non Stop feat Major Lazer
  8. 1. A Different Kind of Buzz 2. All I Try 3. Bellboy 4. B'cos of the Boy 5. C ME Rollin 6. Damaged 7. Downtown 8. Drop in tha Bass 9. Exit Wounds 10. Fake 11. I Kick It In 12. Let's Go Crazy 13. Static Heart 14. Never Giving You Up 15. Madness 16. Rockstar 17. U Turn Me On 18. U Turnin Me Off 19. You're the Gold 20. Wild Boys 21. Worlwide
  9. I wonder what time her livestream will be. It’s already noon in Amsterdam.
  10. that's all the ones I just listed! is she a member on here lol C Me Rollin and Damaged nobody has heard of
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