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  1. oh i liked it, i hope it just leaks lol, so we have more tracks
  2. so let's hope it will leak along with the boy , and then all camila songs that MM sold will finally all be online..we already got curious and must be love
  3. for real?? i thought that no one bought it
  4. obsession just the writer demo leaked, anyone just the insiders have it too, but not even a snippet of them leaked in camila's voice
  5. the giaw demo wasnt sold and just insiders from label records has it but they dont trade or even sell it
  6. yeah, for sure eyes on you is the next one, the boy was sold in 2018 by MM, it was really expensive, but yeah, someone has it and its just keeping it
  7. yes!! also "the boy" should leak too, its been almost 3 years
  8. yeah, at least would be something, or they will receive nothing and keep this forever when everyone is praising for it, i would sell for 250$ and leak it
  9. its getting expensive every new groupbuy lol , i hope the seller just leak it
  10. for real, wasnt this the 3rd one that failed?? lol, it means that people are not paying for it whenever its the time, so its better just leak it and fuck it off
  11. this gb failed, but if you have money and is interested in it pm me
  12. someone sent me this link : https://discord.com/channels/736372128567263343/736372128567263346 , taxi by camila cabello unreleased is beign sold by GB

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