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  1. Billian Janks

    Made Up News Thread

    Steal the idea from a fake news account, they made up the news with some hilarious descriptions, and it'll never or hardly happen For example It's just for entertainment so don't be annoying
  2. The real Titanic scene in 1999 Music Video :cackle:


  3. Billian Janks

    Jaycoolguy - a thread

    'Cause he an administrator boo #RUDUMB
  4. It's been a month and he didn't drop anything 1. Ted talk - Lil B 2. Milk Tree - Francis & the Lights & Teddy Walton 3. Sailor Moon - Ricky Hill 4. Plug Issues - Young Dolph 5. Temporary Flame - 6LACK 6. Killa cam Pink - A$AP Ferg & Maxo Kream 7. My Family Keepers - Unknown 8. GTA - Lil Yachty 9.Art of War - Dom Kennedy 10. Power Girl - BANKS X Alison Wonderland And a documentary will be available when the album is out
  5. Billian Janks

    Made Up Album Thread

    BANKS - MEMORIES OF THE FALLEN ONES (B-SIDE) As a gift for fans and to celebrate her 5-year debut. TRACKLIST: 1. Meditation Song [Extended Length] 2. Hate Love 3. Loon 4. Shadow 5. Mama Said 6. This So-Called Worry 7. Feelings 8. Know 9. Hard Love 10. You Don't Know Me Like That 11. Make It Up 12. A Siren Song 13. Crowded Places (Alternative Version) 14. Better (Lil Silva Rework) 15. Different Pages ----------------------------------- Digital Edition Bonus Track: 16. Seven Heavens by Selena Gomez & Banks 17. Power Girl By Banks & Alison Wonderland 18. Warm Water (The Weeknd Rework) Singles 1.Shadows 2.Hate Love 3.Seven Heavens by Selena Gomez & Banks *Released a documentary series titled"Goddess's Diary", updated every week on YouTube
  6. https://twitter.com/imneo_/status/1039884007058616320 https://twitter.com/1186118646_h/status/1039902318047580160 The fans stand up at their seats and waved the LGBT flags then the safeguards dragged them out of the venue then assaulted them Dua even cried!!!!
  7. Billian Janks

    BANKS - 3rd Album Archives

    She promised she will release her new music this year Announced Producers Rumoured Collaborations Unreleased Tracks Lyrics (Updated 2018/04/10) Buzz Singles - Crowded Places, Underdog Status: Shiseido Launch Party Performance in Paris FW
  8. Billian Janks

    Made Up Album Thread

    BANKS - Insta Demos No date, no tracklist, no artwork cuz she won't release them at a
  9. Billian Janks

    Albums coming in 2018

    Grimes announced that she would release 2 albums, one before leaving 4AD & the other one will be released after she choose her new label
  10. Billian Janks

    The begging thread (please leak....)

  11. Billian Janks

    Pop music predictions 2018

    Sky Ferreira won't released her album yet
  12. Billian Janks

    Albums coming in 2018

    Sky Ferreira's new Ep in March Where's her heavy visual album "Masochism"

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