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  1. Brian

    Latest leaks

    Bebe Rexha - Shining Star (Extended Version) http://picosong.com/wfKan/
  2. Brian

    Latest leaks

    Bebe Rexha - Worst Way (Full) http://picosong.com/wfKTE/ So much Bebe leak
  3. Brian

    Latest leaks

    Bebe Rexha - Don't Know (Snippet) https://clyp.it/v2wws1gd Someone said he gonna leak the full song tomorrow Don't Know.m4a
  4. Brian

    Latest leaks

    M4a On My Way : http://cloudyfiles.org/jcjw7oo4590k
  5. Brian

    Latest leaks

    Here we go gays ! On My Way (Without tag) http://picosong.com/wfKDm/
  6. Brian

    Sizzy Rocket

    Yes. Broken hearts are contagious is really really gooood ! I wait the reupload of the masterpost too lol
  7. Brian

    Meghan Trainor – TREAT MYSELF

    Tracklist of the album :
  8. Brian

    Miss Darla's Requests

    Ariana Grande : The Saturdays | Finest Selection: Greatest Hits (Deluxe) https://mega.nz/#!x90FGQyK!5j9BG4ablNFxVp-omemD4KE236ewboTk90GHMKUgOLg Try to find the other things you want here : http://onlyiplus.net/msb/ https://streethiphop.co/
  9. Brian

    Music Trading Thread

    I have Wynter Gordon, Sizzy Rocket, Charlie Puth, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Milian, Sean Garett, James Bay, Emeli Sandé, Elohim and a G.R.L. demo singing by Emmalyn Estrada to trade. + The whole album of Faye Hamlin + a Mariah Carey rare TV Track in Flac.
  10. Brian

    Kim Petras - Masterpost

    @GPS are you still alive ? 😂
  11. Brian

    Sizzy Rocket

    I remember i have 3 unreleased songs from her : - Sex and Candy - Friends (With Benefits) - Broken hearts are contagious If some of you want to trade.
  12. Brian

    Latest leaks

  13. Brian

    MA2X - Ça m'énerve

    French artist but i have to do promo for him ! 😍😍😍

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