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Voting for the 2018 PHF Rewind Awards has now opened! Let your shady little voice be heard and make sure to submit your entries before the 30th of January.


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  1. Brian

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    Thanks Joined in 2018, i have created 38 topics (a lot in Collection and Daily Life), i tried to participate a lot to the forum, not so easy when nobody speaks by the way ... And i spoke with a lot of members here to get all my unleaked unreleased. I don't think i'm so transparent, i am ? In less than 1 year, i managed to get almost all the unreleased in circulation (not so bad for someone who only start trading with a fake High School Musical demo ). @Music XXclusives also joined in 2018. He has created a lot of great topics (and i didn't forget him in my votes ). He also knows a lot of things about music and it's always a pleasure to read his posts. I thought he was dumb and annoying when he joined PHF, but now he is a great member. @Turn the lights also joined in 2018, always posts the new leaks (good when absolutely nobody else does it). And she tried to participate in other threads like the Ashley Tisdale thread she always keep update ... She helps some other members when they need help to find songs or links. @Mr. Watson also created some topics like Paradiso Girls and Kesha masterpost (and big thank you) and enable me to discover some good singers that i didn't even know. @Marin and @ruifilipe don't speak so much but their interventions are relevant. The forum is not so active and when a new member joined, @Skinny Legend like to dislikes their posts (i remember he used to that when i joined and he keeps to do that with new members, how nice to enable new members to stay ). And the old members don't make many efforts to integrate the news members, they don't speak a lot and always act like if news members were dumb. Thanks God @Whoknowsmehere and @Turn Ya Head are nice with everybody. I remember @Whoknowsmehere make me feel comfortable since the beginning. What a lovely member .
  2. Brian

    The 2018 PHF Rewind Awards!

    Done Not easy to fill all categories sometimes ...
  3. This ? https://picosong.com/wu35T/ For those who want to trade, i have a Bonnie McKee unleaked unreleased.
  4. Brian

    Do you watch ASMR ?

    Paris Hilton does ASMR And Eva Longoria
  5. Brian

    Do you watch ASMR ?

    WTF ? You have to hear ASMR with headphones, otherwise the sensations/feeling are not the same . And i use headphones everyday and my ears look perfect.
  6. Brian

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    But alone in the dark ... who can she trust ?
  7. Brian

    Do you watch ASMR ?

    I don't understand, you don't listen ASMR with earphone ?
  8. Brian

    The Food Thread

    I just realized it's been 3 weeks i don't eat Mc Donalds. Thanks God i go to Mc Donalds tomorrow and i fucking can't wait. I am ready.
  9. Brian

    Christmas Music

    Christmas with Meghan Trainor 🎄
  10. I have one of this song if someone wants to trade with me.
  11. Still listening this amazing song I love the video.
  12. Brian


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