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  1. Brian

    The Food Thread

    I just realized it's been 3 weeks i don't eat Mc Donalds. Thanks God i go to Mc Donalds tomorrow and i fucking can't wait. I am ready.
  2. Brian

    Christmas Music

    Christmas with Meghan Trainor 🎄
  3. I have one of this song if someone wants to trade with me.
  4. Still listening this amazing song I love the video.
  5. I didn't know this song, i loveee 😍
  6. Brian


  7. Brian

    Do you watch ASMR ?

    I really like this one :
  8. Brian

    Christmas Music

    I really like this song
  9. Brian

    Will your fave be relevant in 20 years?

    My fav in 20 years : - Britney : still lip-syncing in Vegas - Paris : still planning her wedding - Pixie : still recording her 4th album after scrap and scrap - Meghan, Carly, Austin Mahone, Charlie Puth, Ashley Tisdale ... None of them will be relevant anymore. 😭
  10. Brian

    Do you watch ASMR ?

    Hey guys, do you watch ASMR ?
  11. Brian

    Member of the Month

    XCX World best member ever !

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