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  1. hi know i haven't been online in a while but its because i'm unable to log in on my laptop because i use twitter to sign in and every time i select 'sign in with twitter', the page just refreshes and an error message comes up in red saying 'something went wrong. please try again' and it's been like this for a while. i've tried other devices like my phone and ipad but the same message keeps popping up, the only thing that is still logged in to my account is my pc that i rarely use so that's how i'm able to make this post today. i would appreciate it if something about this problem was done. tha
  2. So here's what's poppin' with Little Mix. Apparently seen filming a music video for their lead single (maybe) for LM5, which should be coming out soon! I can see it coming out in October since Shout Out to My Ex was an October release. But... That's not it! They are reportedly teaming up with Nicki Minaj and it is most likely the lead single. This was reported on Capital FM which is one of the main entertainment news sources in the UK so there's that. (Here's the link to that article: https://www.capitalfm.com/artists/little-mix/nicki-minaj-collaboration-new-song/) I believe th
  3. This was apparently part of a photo shoot for Little Mix's original third studio album before they scrapped it and started working on Get Weird.
  4. Shit, I just listened to the song omfg. Shawn Mendes - 01. Fallin All In You.m4a
  5. I have the album and I haven't listened to it yet but I will now after hearing this.
  6. I'm a bitch for Brendon and Panic so I'm loving this!!!! Here's the only two songs I've listened to today if you wanna download: 01 (Fuck a) Silver Lining.m4a 02 Say Amen (Saturday Night).m4a
  7. This year's was absolute trash. It was their lowest ratings yet with just 4.5M viewers. Not to mention that they used Little Mix for the views. Little Mix were no. 1 on the leader board for Best British Video ever since the votes opened and was no. 1 when they closed, but then the award goes to Harry Styles???? I don't think so. Also not to mention that after being told Little Mix were not eligible to Best British Group because they not release a new album in 2017, but it actually turns out they were eligible for it as the time period was from Friday 16th September 2016 to Thursday 7th Decembe
  8. I literally just found this and thought of this thread. Do you still need it????
  9. I just searched it up. it was the Australian leg of the On The Road Again Tour back in early 2015. But no one wanted to know that.
  10. The only thing I knew about her was that she opened for One Direction one time.
  11. I love Dancing With Our Hands Tied and Call It What You Want too, but also love Getaway Car and So It Goes... If I'm being honest I love the whole album. But I think my no.1 favourite has to be Dancing With Our Hands Tied.
  12. yes this is top quality content right here.
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