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  1. Demi Lovato | Dancing with the Devil... the Art of Starting Over (album)
  2. Adding: Kelly Clarkson with opening acts Brynn Cartelli & Kelsea Ballerini P!nk with opening act Bleachers
  3. Hoping she pulls through; she was not my top fave from Girls Aloud, but, that shouldn't matter... am hoping she is able to fully recover and live her life as fully as she can.
  4. Thank you so much! πŸ₯°
  5. Hi RomanG! Welcome to the board!
  6. Between Maverick and RCA, neither company did Cyrus any favours.
  7. Considering Cyrus' continued collaborations with Ron Perry, I have a feeling he has a personal interest in supporting her music career. Especially since RCA did not do shit, and even sabotaged Plastic Hearts.
  8. Sorry for delay!!! Been a hectic few days!!! 01 High Heels (feat. Sink the Pink).m4a
  9. No, not the remix. The original edit. I will do my best to get it uploaded tonight.
  10. I have an iTunes Plus M4A of "High Heels," granted, it's been re-tagged with my own artwork, etc.
  11. Haven't been able to; been quite busy with work, and, again, cannot find good enough quality images... and I don't use anything that is low quality. Also, their* not there.
  12. Oh, thank you!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate it so much!
  13. Miley Cyrus albums discography Meet Miley Cyrus βˆ™ Breakout βˆ™The Times of Our Lives βˆ™ Can't Be Tamed βˆ™ Bangerz Younger Now βˆ™ She Is Coming βˆ™ She Is Here βˆ™ She Is Everything βˆ™ She Is Miley Cyrus Plastic Hearts
  14. I can work on these ASAP. The one downside is high quality images of Steps are hard to come by, but will do my best.
  15. Little Mix Confetti (album) Kylie Minogue Disco (album) Steps What the Future Holds (album + vinyl mockup)
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