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  1. I just found out I have an Unreleased folder of my own songs too :stretcher: hopefully those never leak, there's a reason why they were left out of the final albums dddd.

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Can't wait for the Charli style Leakmas of your songs! :cackle: 

    2. Capsule


      Someone call the PHF hackers, it's time to get into that hard drive now before we've got a superstar on our hands!

  2. Welcome! I think I've seen you here and there but actually didn't read a proper introduction until now. I sadly don't know Steps, but maybe we could have something else in common! I'm always glad to chat
  3. Hello! Welcome to the forum. I hope you have a good time here, and get to know the nice and lovely members that are part of the community
  4. Thank you so much! Not My Vibe ended up being not my vibe as much after a few listens, I think I know why they scrapped them - but the song had potential to be something else. As for Not My Problem, I'm glad you liked it! I tried to produce it myself but my attempts of creating a great beat were really bad, so I gave up and decided to look for one in YouTube. That one really felt like it could fit, so I used it and the song came out cool And yeah, I'm so worried about these edits being labelled as "demos" or "alternate" or "final" or whatever, but I guess if it happens I'll let dbree di
  5. Miley Cyrus - Not My Vibe (Moonchild's Final Edit). I might re-do this, it sounds very weird in some parts. Mostly, I edited the vocals. The instrumental remains the same.
  6. Hey! Well, as some of you know, I like to re-edit some songs when I don't like their original version (mostly with unreleased stuff). I've reworked a couple unfinished Charli XCX demos and have shared them here and there, so I decided to begin this thread just so these are all together in a single place. The first thing I'll put here is a new version I created for Dua Lipa's "Not My Problem", from her Future Nostalgia reissue subtitled the Moonlight Edition. The original production is, well, not my thing, so I refreshed this with a cool mashup of an amazing type beat produced by Pacific (
  7. Florence + the Machine - Paper Massacre Grimes - unreleased fourth album Lady Gaga - Frankensteined (and any other song that was planned before her fifth album turned into Joanne)
  8. Yeah I saved them all except for Space Between Us, I skipped that one 'cause I had it from long ago, when it leaked back in 2015 I guess. It was the same file that Chris Braide uploaded shortly ago, I remember playing it and not downloading it on purpose. Big Girls Cry Helium Kill and Run Unstoppable Space Between
  9. I was very tempted at voting for option three, but I ultimately decided not to Yeah it's been a nuisance to have this person here. I've tried to show myself nice to them, but there was a time about 2.5 years ago that they got myself out of my nerve and I began ranting and posting just in their style against them - and that was the last. I ignored them shortly after, and PHF went back to be a place at ease in my case. But I know what it's like to be reading their disrespectful posts over and over, it gets tiring and it's really annoying that if they've been asked not to beg for leak
  10. I never was a fan of this new photoshoot but you made a great job! And BIG YES at the inclusion of Cherry and Love Is Religion 'cause BOPS I would still rearrange the track listing, but it's TONS better without the Un Día mess
  11. Okay so this one didn't feel horrendous so this was me during a series of Instastories to promote my upcoming music releases in my Instagram. Shot in my car. While I was waiting for my pizza. Huh.
  12. No problem! Anytime. Anything Kerli, Florrie or Lana related, I'm always open to share what I can
  13. As far as I know, not during that camp, but in those years (2011 mostly), I think these: Bubblegum Dollface Just Like That Hungover Pretty Red Apple (2010. Apparently written for other singer but remained unreleased) Sex Tape (Push Rewind) (Co-written with Neon Hitch, and apparently purposed for her. There's a Kerli demo which leaked long ago) Scream Skyscraper (for Demi Lovato. Originally intended for her second album but then given away. Possibly when the album was titled I.Nimene) Too Much of Not Enough (given to another singer, don't re
  14. Just Like That was written during a writing camp, most likely along with Hungover, so I believe it was either for other singers or simply not intended for an album. They both were written by Kerli, Emery Julian and Jodi Marr, and both are from 2011-2012 I think.
  15. lol I've posted it several times but I'll give it once again it's only from the songs we are aware of. Happy Pill was unknown until it leaked a few days ago, so I might skip songs that are still unknown. Weapons of Mass Creation Army of Love Blow the Speakers Up Bubblegum (potentially) Bullet Happy Pill Heart Line Immortal Legends (potentially, most likely because of the lyrical content) Love Bomb Music Is Dead Weapons of Mass Creation Zero Gravity (potentially) Utopia Army of Love Can't Control the K
  16. This sounds like a cool idea! But I gotta ask... what's up with the different lengths for Where Do Babies Come From and Rocking Horse? Afaik, WDBCF is 4:49 long and RH is like 3:58 or so. Are your versions alternate?
  17. Rita Ora - O (2015) Released: March 6, 2015 Concept for the shelved second album under Roc Nation, which ended her contract with them. I think it would look like this, even though it lacks some unleaked confirmed songs like Kingdom Come, Get a Little Closer, Touch the Sky or Us. Artwork is not mine. Looked at individually, most of these songs felt incoherent between each other (having I Will Never Let You Down, Sex on My Mind and Grateful in the same album...), but I think in this order they feel cohesive through a good songs run. I Will Never Let You Down Coul
  18. Heavy Metal Lover, Electric Chapel and Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) are practically the only reasons why I listen to Born This Way. I need a Gaga album with songs in those styles, her industrial/rock songs are GLORIOUS. She really did THAT.
  19. Sad to agree! Both Weapons of Mass Creation and Happy Pill are terribly underwhelming considering the quality of other Kerli material. I'm glad we have them though.
  20. I very lowkey like that song, but I feel it as a big outlier within the album
  21. Lady Gaga - Born This Way (2011). Very simple, but I loved it.
  22. I hope nobody kills me for this, but... Lady Gaga - Born This Way. I've always felt the album lacks cohesiveness as a whole, so I tried to fix that. Born This Way Hair Judas Marry the Night Black Jesus + Amen Fashion Scheiße Americano Bloody Mary Heavy Metal Lover Electric Chapel Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) The Edge of Glory Singles would be: Born This Way Marry the Night Judas Electric Chapel The Edge of Glory I mean, I still have some songs I don't fully enjoy withi
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