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  1. Hello there! This is Moonchild, and I'm so happy to welcome you again to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you ever need something, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to try and help you out as possible! Specifically from Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX, Kerli and Florrie, but I can try my best in case you need material from other singers (those 4 are my obsession, but I follow a huge list of other artists!). And I'm infinitely happy to see that Kerli gif. She doesn't get the credit she deserves. I.L.U. #JusticeForUtopia #JusticeForRoots #JusticeForWeaponsOfMassCreation #JusticeForINimene #JusticeForArmyOfAngels (Sorry for name-dropping her unreleased eras, but unreleased music is my OCD.)
  2. Thank you so much for your feedback! "Last Days of Freedom" is possibly one of my favourites off the album, too. I'll manage to get some courses online or something about the voice, 'cause I actually enjoy the whole process. And if I learn something cool about mastering, I'll let you know!
  3. Hello! So this is quite embarrassing as I have never liked showing off my work, but here we are. This is my debut album, titled Not Ready for Life, which I released on SoundCloud last month. It is 100% made by me: I created the beats, wrote the tracks, recorded the vocals, mixed the audio, designed the cover, etc. It took me around two years since the beginning of the project (the first lyrics I intended for it were written on January 3, 2018, and they are from the song "It Will Rain"), and recorded it from October 2019 to April 2020. I recorded it in quite random places - my bedroom, an empty classroom, even my car - and I know pretty much nothing about voice control and stuff. So yeah, it sounds pretty bad but I'm happy I finally put it out. I've been working on more things - not because they're good, but for fun only. I would like to know what do y'all think about this, regardless I have mixed to negative feelings about the project. Here is the link to the playlist:
  4. She most likely won't, but she was set to, before turning it into an EP and release it in a limited edition (2016) - pretty similar to what happened to Utopia back in 2013.
  5. This version would have been perfect! Also, I liked how you arranged the track listing. Tbh, my favourites are the first 14 you listed, so I wouldn't have minded a standard version of this one instead of the whole deluxe. But it's a better planned era than what actually was launched!
  6. Officially considered albums, only 2: Utopia and Deepest Roots. But there are like "eras" from all of her unreleased stuff, which means there are more unfinished concept albums in between her releases. I can think of Army of Angels, I.Nimene and Weapons of Mass Creation as three whole recordings that were considered for release at one point but were cancelled, without even being finalized albums but with enough songs to create them. I honestly I'm impressed at how much material of hers actually exist, considered how much has been actually released is way less than the unreleased.
  7. Florrie - Album Sampler (2014, remake of the original cover printed in the physical versions sold in eBay and Discogs). It can also be used as the album cover for Trouble In the Making. Print version
  8. The WHAT? haven't seen it yet! I'll check around EDIT: They're not really new, they've been there since Shadow Works were released. There 12 titles from that time, which must be around 2015-2017: Collide (Kerli Koiv) Coming Out Alive (Kerli Koiv, Daniel Chase & Douglas Tidstrand) Halfway (Kerli Koiv & Glen Ballard) I'm Feeling You (Kerli Koiv, Nick Monson & Anastasia Whitecare) Last Days of Freedom (Kerli Koiv, Nitzan Kaikov, Gabrielle Friedland, Demitri Lerios & Cory Lerios) Sincerely (Kerli Koiv, Nitzan Kaikov & Jesse St. John) Solar Powered (Kerli Koiv, Jesse St. John & Steve Ruchelman) Something Beautiful (Kerli Koiv & Robert Koch) Trippin' (Kerli Koiv, Afshin Salmani & Ago Teppand) What If (Kerli Koiv, Nitzan Kaikov & Jesse St. John) While We Still Have Wings (Kerli Koiv & Fraser Thorneycroft) You Love Me (Kerli Koiv, Noelle Bean & Nitzan Kaikov) Also, judging by the titles and a possible relation with the film's plot, these four are most likely the songs she wrote for Alice Through the Looking Glass soundtrack, from which we only have "Racing Time": Follow Your Compass (Kerli Koiv, Noelle Bean & Nitzan Kaikov) In the Ocean of Time (Kerli Koiv & Nitzan Kaikov) Racing Time (Kerli Koiv & Nitzan Kaikov) We're the Misfits (Kerli Koiv, Noelle Bean & Nitzan Kaikov)
  9. I second this. I'm craving for unheard Kerli material. Especially that album
  10. I have never being able to filter good instrumentals, but I have filtered pretty decent acapellas sometimes. I invert the waveforms of the instrumental, put it side to side with the original version and record it. There are chances of a track not being filtered, especially when the waveforms of the original and the instrumental do not coincide (sometimes actual official instrumentals do not coincide with the waveforms of the main track, for reasons I do not understand). This can be done either in Audacity or Adobe Audition. I also use Utagoe, but it took me years to understand how it works as the tools have either Chinese characters or a string of question marks as names. However, vocals are always damaged and sound a bit robotic, depending on how much filter I apply to it.
  11. Sky Ferreira - Cry Baby (2011, shelved) Print version
  12. Kerli - Utopia (2013). I think this would have suited well for the shelved full-length album.
  13. Exactly. You can check my DMs with them, or practically any FLAC request in the forum. Whoknowsmehere might be, in my experience, one of the greatest sharing members in PHF. I stand by that.

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