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  1. I found this on dbree, anyone happen to have the full version? It's not bonnie it's cowritten with her, but I really love Robyn (RobynTheBank) and this sounds really promising. https://dbree.org/v/d3b2fa i'm really shocked this is even on debree since i don't know anyone else that likes Robyn
  2. i know for a fact that those hacker f words have it but just won't share it & a few others cuz ive seen a few brag about them then delete the posts on other socials
  3. yeah exactly. but her only excuse she's been using NOW is that it sounds dated and wants to reproduce it for her album full of epic songs. the problem with that is, who knows if it'll still be good if she reproduces it. i've dm'ed her on instagram to keep them the same cuz that's what we want not new versions but she left me on read. if we want those songs that's what we've been asking for years, we never asked her to redo & update the sound of them?
  4. we can only hope that it leaks 😭
  5. i'm listening to let there be love now i remember why i didn't download it. it's not bonnie lol
  6. Thank you so much for the songs!
  7. she said she wa going to do a corona ep then suddenly said it wouldn't be a good idea to release anything during corona. idk what shes thinking but she needs to release something soon. the two songs she did for royalties weren't it
  8. can i get the american girl instrumental & acapella 👀 & let there be love
  9. i really wish the people who had these songs would just leak them already
  10. So what spoiler i can’t wait for feb 5th
  11. It sucks that it seems like she’s completely given up on her career. She has a whole ass second house with a studio but claims to now have money to tour or make music? And she wants to take trouble off streaming platforms, if she really needed the money she wouldn’t do that. Bombastic was used in so many things so obviously she has the money to buy the rights & pay producers for the epic songs it’s just her being her & delaying everything.
  12. also if anyone has dirty laundry leak it she was a bop live
  13. she's allegedly working on them, but i feel like she has such HIGH expecations that it's driving her insane at this point she needs to release them as is just to kill that hype and have something ready to come after. she herself is making it harder for her to come back with all these empty promises and high expecations she wont meet. bad girls was complete trash and these fucking ass kissing fans are lying to her telling her it's good
  14. this bitch told a fan that the summer album is now a winter album and i KNOW this bitch is lying can someone just leak all her epic shit im TIREDT
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