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  1. Yeah, she responded to a friend's DM and said there was a sample she couldn't clear in it so I'm guessing if they re-work the sample that we will see it soon!!! There's always ONE OF US under her comments begging for it. LMAOOO
  2. And it’s probably my favorite. ? But this is what makes Gaga albums great imo cause no one ever has the same favorite song!
  3. Blasphemy. But also yes, this part.
  4. I haven't heard a lot (besides the official release of Rain On Me Purple Disco Machine Remix which is A WHOLE BOP)... but I like yours! It's not over-remixed which is sometimes my issue WITH remixes. I say do the whole thing and post a link to it here or somewhere so we can get our lives to a remixed Chromatica!
  5. [deleted]


    Interesting... okay well it's getting that temporary title cause the title 'TSOB 1 Woz' really throws off the look of the tracklist. LMAOOOO
  6. I, personally, am living for it! It feels like a modern Jessie & the Toy Boys track - I'm excited to hear the rest of the album!
  7. [deleted]


    Did anyone ever figure out what the actual title of 'TSOB 1 Woz' is supposed to be or is that just what it is? Lmaooo
  8. I have another friend who's mentioned it so hopefully she sees the demand! Lmao I've been trying to get my hands on it via trades FOR YEARSSSSSS but literally no one has it or if they do they aren't willing to give it up.
  9. Lemme harass her some more on Twitter about Saving Up My Love..... cause..... yep yep yep, need that.
  10. Working on what I can. Some of them there's not much I can do without having the vocal and instrumentals separated! I've at least been able to bass boost and flatten the curves of a few of them to sound a little more even. Don't Stop the Beat and Bellboy I've been having issues with and might not be able to change much cause of the problem mentioned above!
  11. Posted this on the PHF discord but here's the rips from my Soundcloud PRO account (no one DM me to rip things for them cause I'm not doing it lmaooo) since the audio is a bit higher quality. https://mega.nz/folder/1YFEGIRL#MczcCP0aEF9CqaMDxG-bBw Also I re-mastered Wild Boyz because the OG quality is trash, so here's my version if anyone wants it: https://wi.to/87feec11038609ff
  12. PERIOD. I’ve been begging her for that damn song for years.
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