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  1. I'm sad. Someone make me feel better. 😞 

    1. Whoknowsmehere


      A very wise man once said:

      "Sadness is like a Gloomy Rain"...."Just Remember"......"After the Rain, comes a Ray of Sunshine and A Gorgeous Shimmering Rainbow".


      He went on to say:

      "And as in the After Glow of the Rain"...."So it is when the Sadness fades"...."Smiles will Abound". 


      Edited by Whoknowsmehere
    2. Whoknowsmehere


      Those little Pearls of Wisdom were brought to you by the Letters:











  2. Wow I was such a bitch oomf y’all I’m sorry

  3. I haven’t been on in so long that I’ve become the most awkward human alive. 🤪


    Edited by kalel
  4. Cassadee Pope (my favourite ever). She's been "successful" and had a number one & a platinum single but she hasn't released a new album since her debut solo one in 2013 and her last EP flopped really badly. It's only sold like 200,000 copies in the USA. :|
  5. If anyone needs a song/album from iTunes but can't get it because they can't afford it or it's the wrong country's iTunes, let me know and I'll get it for you with my Apple Music.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. cassadee.


      @SpeedofGays okay! I'll pre-order it then :)

    3. nanapop99


      Buy Bonnie McKee's Bombastic EP if you haven't done it yet :hottie:



      Im in need of Aurora's Awakening and Imagine Dragons' Roots. would love you if you could grab those in hq <3

  6. cassadee.

    Singers I truly hate..

    Idg why anyone would hate Kelly honestly
  7. cassadee.

    Singers I truly hate..

    I'm just kidding but it was still funny lmao
  8. cassadee.

    Amanda Bynes Conducts First Interview Since Breakdown

    I'm glad she's recovering but she sounds like how I did when they first started me on anti-depressants...she sounds like an absolute zombie.
  9. cassadee.

    Why is Katy flopping this era?

    No, I had a friend who was injured though and it scared the living fuck out of me. I'm glad Ariana went back though. These people are fucking disgusting humans.
  10. I give zero fucks today. Zero. All my fucks were given to the video game Prey.

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    2. Third Eye

      Third Eye

      Is it scary? Fkfjfkrkn

    3. cassadee.


      @Third Eye It gives you anxiety through out the game and makes it terrifying. On the surface it isn't, but the panic and the sound the game gives you really fucks you up!

    4. Third Eye

      Third Eye

      I think I will buy it, let's see if there is a demo available

  11. cassadee.

    Why is Katy flopping this era?

    It doesn't matter that it did good things for her career, it's still a disgusting thing that happened where children were hurt. Kallum was definitely talking about the part where Countess said Katy should "hope" it happens to her. Katy shouldn't hope and I'm sure she doesn't. No one wants to go through that, even for a career gain. Plus, everyone should be respecting the situation and not making light of it. An eight-year-old died for christ's sake...
  12. cassadee.

    Singers I truly hate..

    Guess I'll say it since no one has and I want to contradict the post above mine. MARIAH CAREY.

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