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  1. This is not a new version, just the backing vocals of the leaked version, if you listen closely the leaked one, you will listen this on the background
  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, SEND ON MY DM NEW JAX JONES FEAT. TOVE LO - JACQUES, it will be release only in September, but if some of you have it, please send me!!!
  3. Leak "Birthday Suit - Kesha" and a "new snippet of WDBCF - Melanie Martinez" already please or send on dm
  4. Can someone leak the Melanie Martinez cover of Can't Help Falling In Love or any Scrapped song of Lily Allen? Thanks
  5. @Countess I think we need the option "delete account" on our account settings, could you think about it?
  6. It won't but you should start writing songs!
  7. You can watch some tutoriais on YouTube, I use FL Studio to produce some things (I could help but at the moment I don't have a computer, mine is broken), If you don't want to make songs yet you should get some instrumentals and put your voice in, doing some covers. Don't care with the accent, English It's not my first language but I don't sing because I don't have a great voice, but you have, don't waste this opportunity, go further, you have a future
  8. I think PHF could have a topic with tutorials like how get a better rank, how help with some stuffs, this kind of tutorials.
  9. The Last Of Us 2 It's coming!!!
  10. Your voice is so good, you should do more covers or do an EP, post on YouTube!
  11. The name of the Fandom is "Cry Babies" so original, isn't it? Lmao
  12. Melanie Babies is a channel on YouTube that expose MSCFusion
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