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  1. The Powder Room - My Way

    Yeah we need Natalia
  2. It's not as if you work for her She'd be in such a better position if she went back to Xenomania
  3. You can't afford to have a break as an emerging artist.
  4. That's gutting The world needs as much Jessie and The Toy Boys as it can get.
  5. I am SOOO hungry to hear this in full!!
  6. I don't know how many of these tracks were actually intended for the album, but I figured I'd share my personal This Is How Rumors start 'tracklist': 1. Let's Get Naughty 2. Hit Man 3. Push It (feat. Yelawolf) 4. On With My Bad Self 5. Boxers 6. Valentine 7. Money Makes The Girl Go Round 8. Key To The City 9. Sing Sing Sing - Interlude 10. Eyes Closed (thanks for this!) 11. Marilyn 12. Perfect Shade of Red 13. Petty Theft 14. Runaway 15. Can't Go Back To London 16. We Own The Night 17. Angels Get To Sing
  7. This is amazing, thank you! We need Long Way From Home in our lives </3
  8. Made Up Album Thread

    "EDEN XO" (August 25th 2017) Tracklist 1. Drips Gold (feat. Raja Kumari) 2. El Barrio 3. The Weekend 4. Hold Me Now 5. Finger 6. Side Fx 7. Saving Up My Love 8. Too Cool To Dance 9. Say That Again (feat. Travis Mills) 10. Torn (Don't Stop Believing)
  9. Made Up Album Thread

    Annie - Melodies (March 2018) Dreampop - Island Records 1. Melodies - intro 2. Only You 3. Upside Down 4. Casanova (We're Over) 5. Dreaming of You 6. Paradise 7. Breathe Bel Air 8. Addicted 9. Magnetic 10. Wild Ones 11. Hero 12. Home Singles 1. Magnetic 2. Only You 3. Casanova (We're Over)
  10. My ranking of her releases: 1. El Barrio - seriously amazing... like fuck!!! I love this. 2. Drips Gold - sassy & iconic 3. Too Cool To Dance - shoulda been her break through hit 4. Hold Me Now - camp heaven 5. Finger - very different to her usual sound. I like it. 6. Torn (Don't Stop Believing) - gorgeous 7. The Weekend - bad choice for her second Virgin single imo, I don't dislike it tho Eden is so sweet & she's one of the very few artists who are making genuine pop music atm. None of that 'tropical' bs. She deserves another launch with a label.
  11. Wth even happened with Gaga's fans?
  12. Iggy Azalea's Album Is Still Happening

    Poor Iggy. Switch was done so wrong.
  13. Natalia Kills - Trouble (Demos) MASTERPOST

    Yeah she's Teddy Sinclair now, performing with the 'band' Cruel Youth.
  14. Natalia Kills - Trouble (Demos) MASTERPOST

    Has Runnin' leaked without the pitching?

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