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  1. han

    Sam Hunt - Downtown's Dead

  2. han

    Latest leaks

    Jesse Lee confirmed on her Instagram that is is her on vocals.
  3. han

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    "Tracks like “Stop Me From Falling,” “A Lifetime To Repair,” “One Last Kiss” and “Music’s Too Sad Without You” promise bittersweet pop perfection, while “Shelby ’68” (it’s a type of Ford Mustang) sounds like the most country song on the album. However, it’s always dangerous to read too much into a title. “Dancing” sounds like a frivolous bop, but it’s a twangy, countrified gem with a surprisingly weighty undertone. If nothing else, this is shaping up to be Kylie’s most surprising era since Impossible Princess. " http://www.idolator.com/7673778/kylie-minogue-golden-tracklist-new-album
  4. han

    Kylie Minogue - Golden

    Kylie Minogue’s Golden tracklist: Dancing Stop Me From Falling Golden A Lifetime To Repair Sincerely Yours One Last Kiss Live A Little Shelby ’68 Radio On Love Raining Glitter Music’s Too Sad Without You
  5. han

    Fave song off Camila?

    It's been a few days now and I can't say I love a song on this album as much as Consequences. Obviously listening to country artists/songwriters my whole life I'm naturally gonna go with my people on this one. Glad everyone else is loving it & the whole album!!
  6. han

    Fave song off Camila?

    I'm basically not taking Consequences off repeat. So incredibly written.
  7. han

    Zach's Cover Art

  8. han

    Zach's Cover Art

    yessss I'm obsessed!
  9. han


    Do I need to watch the original to understand the characters/plot etc or is it completely separate from that?
  10. han

    Zach's Cover Art

    Zach these are amazing!!
  11. han

    Is Country Music The New EDM?

    Wanted to add to this - Gaga actually wrote with country songwriter Hillary Lindsey for songs like A-Yo and Million Reasons, so if there's a country influence that you might hear in those, it most definitely comes from her. From what I know of the collaboration, it wasn't Gaga forcing herself into country or being fake with her sound, but a genuine collab with a songwriter that happened to bring a new sound. I believe Gaga requested to write with her though, so she definitely sought after a new sound for herself.
  12. han

    Niall Horan - Flicker (Deluxe) [20/10]

    Yeah, Kelsea got radio play because she was on a label with a load of money and no other artists to promote (Kelsea is my favourite female so this isn't anything against her), but they only had her to back and fully believed in her so they invested all their time and money in her. Carly is doing really well though! and Lauren's success this year has been so deserving!
  13. han

    Niall Horan - Flicker (Deluxe) [20/10]

    Country radio is a mess that refuses to play females, and while Maren is winning Grammys, they just don't respect females enough to care. She's still really successful she just wont be getting a #1 hit any time soon, even with a major label backing her.
  14. han

    Currently Listening To..

    Kelsea Ballerini - Miss Me More / Niall Horan & Maren Morris - Seeing Blind. Love new releases from my favourite country girls.
  15. han

    Niall Horan - Flicker (Deluxe) [20/10]

    I wonder if they'll try this, with Maren not having huge success at country radio alone, would be interesting to see how it would be embraced.

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