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  1. So sad for her, I'm sure this is devastating. But hopefully she's doing well physically and mentally. ❤
  2. Do we have a dedicated Spice Girl discog thread? I'm looking for a collection of their albums, eps, demos, etc.

    1. Leaving


      We have a thread to discuss these icons, but no megapost I don't think :'( 

  3. Also Porcelain Black says Reload is coming soon. Well see how soon, soon is.

    1. Leaving


      It will come as soon as she's made her way through the entire production team with her mouth

    2. Ice Prince

      Ice Prince

      Literally Reload is the only other song from those sessions I'm craving. Wish Crazy was out there too, but who knows. Adding those two to the other bunch would finally make a Porcelain album ugh :ohwell: 

  4. I'll be 31 in 2 weeks.



    I'm ready for the nursing home 

  5. Everyone be sure to go buy Kerlis NFTs.




    Someone leak something of hers also. Please lol

  6. Can someone make a zip of all these bonnie leaks along with her other tracks? Or do we have a masterpost?


    Also waiting for some Kerli still, someone, anyone. Depending on how high some people are I'd buy a few of her tracks that are more pop or like the Dollface era. (I still pray for a demo of bubblegum or like soundboard recording from the one time she performed it. I'd pay for it most of all)

  7. Betty White dying on the last day of 2021, 2 weeks before her 100th birthday just goes to show, this year fucking sucks.



    1. Leaving


      I heard this morning and I feel I should be sadder than I am. Golden Girls is one of my fave TV shows but I haven't even cried or anything. I think we all knew she wouldn't be on this earth much longer so I guess it just wasn't a surprise. May our angel rest in peace <3 

  8. I dyed my hair green, the only color its never been.


    Also featuring one of my finger tats (I have one on each finger minus my thumbs, for now) representing singers I like.

    Fag Mob for Brooke Candy

    Trainwreck for Porcelain Black

    And then multiple Kerli ones, including Feral Hearts, Blossom, and Diamond Hard not just because I love Kerli, but because those 3 songs came out at some real turning points for me for better or worse and really represented something in my life at the time. Also have Moonchild, ILU, and a symbol.

    Also have Emilie Autumn lyrics on my ribs, fucking beauty killer on my collar unfortunately lol, and the Evanescence logo on my wrist. And lastly, minus my rose on my left hand and my lotus on my right, I have the Sailor Moon symbols for each Sailor Scout/planet on my.lower part of my fingers.

    And FINALLY, LOVE and then EVOL on my knuckles for Marina's E.V.O.L., because love is evol.


    Didn't mean to have a text tat tour but just wanted to because why not.





  9. The songs from Encanto have been stuck in my head for days. But We Don't Talk About Bruno is my fave. Its just *chefs kiss*

    Flowers Wow GIF by Regal

    1. Leaving


      Haven't watched this one yet! But I was bored by Luca and turned it off halfway through so I'm not sure what my expectations are :yeah: Is it good?

    2. Savages


      I didn't think I'd like it tbh But the music alone made it amazing. But I did thoroughly enjoy it!

       But you'll get the music stuck in your head lol

  10. If we ain't getting Kerlimas this year can we get CLmas and All In finally leak? Thats new snippet just ugh

  11. Santa didn't bring Kerlimas this year.

    Kerli New Year..mas..?


  12. Merry Christmas!

    Today sucks.

  13. Can someone share a link to Shadow Works with me? I'm trying to download it on my phone so I can listen to it while I stock at work right now but damn its hard to find with dbree down for me. Please and thanks asap!


  14. Been sick for 3 weeks. Found out the ER doctor wrote me down as having covid so they could charge me for covid recovery. Wtf. And then with my second trip to the ER literally a day later says oh no its a virus thats what I told him the first time, even tho the paper says otherwise.


    I hate the health care system around this area.



    Also someone do Kerlimas plz ily

    Here's this thing.




    Stitch Hie GIF

    1. Heartbreak Anthem

      Heartbreak Anthem

      Oh no!!! I genuinely hope you are doing well right now... I know there's been a virus spreading (non-COVID) and it sucks. Wishing you health during this time!

    2. Savages


      Thank you! Thankfully my actual dr finally could see me and she put me on a 5 day Hella high steroid round and I'm already feeling the relief. I just can't wait to be over whatever it is and go back to work,  I'm going stir crazy 🤣🤧

    3. Heartbreak Anthem

      Heartbreak Anthem

      Well, then I am happy for you!!! Keep your head up!!!

  15. I cannot wait to see this oml.




  16. I was sure this collab would be for a new song but no. Just an art piece. Fucking figures. If I hadnt been laid up from Tuesday to today with Acute Bronchiolitis from Respitory Syncytial Virus id be throwing a fit lol. But currently cant breathe or get out of bed. Was sure I had covid but tested neg 2 times in 3 days. Finally got the RSV diagnosis and was told it shouldnt be this bad but apparently is. My oxygen kept dropping to the 80s and I was sure I was going to just fall over dead. Ive missed every day of work since Tuesday. Supposed to go back tomorrow but im still real sick. But I hate losing money and hate being stuck at home so idfc. The cherry on top it my uncle died at the same hospital I was at due to covid and cancer complications the same time I was there. They removed him from a ventilators for whatever reason and he was dead in an hour. No one knew or was there because his good for nothing wife told no one. It makes me fucking sick. If id known, I wouldve been there, sick or not. Digusting

    1. Savages


      - insert Kerli NFT thing here-

  17. Ok. I LOVE Lover Like Me, but am disappointed in Alpha. I want a full English album so bad from CL. Its high time we get some leaks if her English stuff INCLUDING AND MOST IMPORTANTLY All In cause Alpha made me depressed lmao.

  18. Some people honestly thought CL would be able to put All In on Alpha. I knew it wasnt happening since I don't think she has the rights to it but I was a bit hopeful. At least Alphas tracklist is out either way.



    NOW SOMEONE LEAK ALL IN. PLEASE. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. (and gimme some Kerli songs xo)

    cb759c9e-9565-4a15-9dab-f441f760a9cf (1).jpg

  19. Sora in Smash? Kay. Kingdom Hearts entire series on Switch? YES. Via cloud gaming.. FUCK.



    still was hoping for Geno. ?

  20. I wish a handful of English CL songs would leak finally. I mean All In is still my "if this leaks ill legit cry" song but id still love more songs she recorded for her English debut to leak. Alphas track listing hasnt been released yet right? Maybe shell have a couple of English songs on it but im not holding my breath. So someone get and leak some plz. (And leak all in finally plz)

  21. So supposedly someone bought CLs All In. Please god leak it. PLEASE. IM BEGGGGGING.

  22. I need new pop Kerli leaks, she is killing me. Surprises soon was her response when she was asked about new music and a month later radio silence. :3 And I still would give my left nut for Bubblegum.

  23. Luca is the cutest shit ive ever seen. Im on my second watch in a row and just, ugh. I demand a part 2 cuz the ending, tho happy, made me bawl.


    (Seeing Alberto running after the train while crying, I died even tho it was technically happy)

    Dont Look Summer GIF by Walt Disney Studios

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    2. Savages


      I sat up till it premiered at 3am because I was so hype for it haha. I really enjoyed it! I also watched one on Netflix that deserves waaay more attention, Wish Dragon!GIF by Sony Pictures Animation

    3. Leaving


       I'll give them both a go! Although I just watched Raya the first time the other night and it was pretty good so I think I may be dragoned out for a minute :cackle: 

    4. 808Dream


      Luca is super cute

  24. Okay CDProjektRed. You gave us Kerry as the inly gay male romanceable character and one ugly joytoy.

    This us me BEGGING for Angel to ve added in sometime. Never have I wanted to full throttle fuck the ever living soul out of a games character. The way he talks to you and then THIS LOOK? I want 6 in every color.

    Yes this is me simping over a 3D model in a video game. Yes this is me saying id skull fuck him but also protecc, and more fucc, him.

    They did me dirty with this spot in the game. I may not recover. ?


    Also heres some pics/funny nudes of my V cause I get bored and giggle like I'm 12.


    Thu game has me fucked up, yo.








  25. Finally payed my FFXIV Sub and damn am I excited for Endwalker ?

    1. Leaving


      I've lost my disc for my PS4 so I can't even play it :yeah: Was hoping to catch up before Endwalker was out but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen

    2. Savages


      Oh gurl you can get it super cheap or get it digital! Shadowbringers regular is like 15 atm in the psn!~ and complete collection is 23.99 ?


      Im slowly doing the 5.1 and beyond quests. Just did the Nier raids and shew. Fun but also nerve wracking lol. What data center you in? :o

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