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  1. I dyed my hair green, the only color its never been.


    Also featuring one of my finger tats (I have one on each finger minus my thumbs, for now) representing singers I like.

    Fag Mob for Brooke Candy

    Trainwreck for Porcelain Black

    And then multiple Kerli ones, including Feral Hearts, Blossom, and Diamond Hard not just because I love Kerli, but because those 3 songs came out at some real turning points for me for better or worse and really represented something in my life at the time. Also have Moonchild, ILU, and a symbol.

    Also have Emilie Autumn lyrics on my ribs, fucking beauty killer on my collar unfortunately lol, and the Evanescence logo on my wrist. And lastly, minus my rose on my left hand and my lotus on my right, I have the Sailor Moon symbols for each Sailor Scout/planet on my.lower part of my fingers.

    And FINALLY, LOVE and then EVOL on my knuckles for Marina's E.V.O.L., because love is evol.


    Didn't mean to have a text tat tour but just wanted to because why not.





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