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  1. I was sure this collab would be for a new song but no. Just an art piece. Fucking figures. If I hadnt been laid up from Tuesday to today with Acute Bronchiolitis from Respitory Syncytial Virus id be throwing a fit lol. But currently cant breathe or get out of bed. Was sure I had covid but tested neg 2 times in 3 days. Finally got the RSV diagnosis and was told it shouldnt be this bad but apparently is. My oxygen kept dropping to the 80s and I was sure I was going to just fall over dead. Ive missed every day of work since Tuesday. Supposed to go back tomorrow but im still real sick. But I hate losing money and hate being stuck at home so idfc. The cherry on top it my uncle died at the same hospital I was at due to covid and cancer complications the same time I was there. They removed him from a ventilators for whatever reason and he was dead in an hour. No one knew or was there because his good for nothing wife told no one. It makes me fucking sick. If id known, I wouldve been there, sick or not. Digusting

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