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  1. Luca is the cutest shit ive ever seen. Im on my second watch in a row and just, ugh. I demand a part 2 cuz the ending, tho happy, made me bawl.


    (Seeing Alberto running after the train while crying, I died even tho it was technically happy)

    Dont Look Summer GIF by Walt Disney Studios

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    2. Savages


      I sat up till it premiered at 3am because I was so hype for it haha. I really enjoyed it! I also watched one on Netflix that deserves waaay more attention, Wish Dragon!GIF by Sony Pictures Animation

    3. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

       I'll give them both a go! Although I just watched Raya the first time the other night and it was pretty good so I think I may be dragoned out for a minute :cackle: 

    4. 808Dream


      Luca is super cute

  2. Okay CDProjektRed. You gave us Kerry as the inly gay male romanceable character and one ugly joytoy.

    This us me BEGGING for Angel to ve added in sometime. Never have I wanted to full throttle fuck the ever living soul out of a games character. The way he talks to you and then THIS LOOK? I want 6 in every color.

    Yes this is me simping over a 3D model in a video game. Yes this is me saying id skull fuck him but also protecc, and more fucc, him.

    They did me dirty with this spot in the game. I may not recover. 😂


    Also heres some pics/funny nudes of my V cause I get bored and giggle like I'm 12.


    Thu game has me fucked up, yo.








  3. Finally payed my FFXIV Sub and damn am I excited for Endwalker 🙏

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I've lost my disc for my PS4 so I can't even play it :yeah: Was hoping to catch up before Endwalker was out but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen

    2. Savages


      Oh gurl you can get it super cheap or get it digital! Shadowbringers regular is like 15 atm in the psn!~ and complete collection is 23.99 🤙


      Im slowly doing the 5.1 and beyond quests. Just did the Nier raids and shew. Fun but also nerve wracking lol. What data center you in? :o

  4. So after randomly checking ascap, I saw some songs either I missed in tye past or are newer registered tracks from Kerli. I know shes got 'so many new goodies', according to her, coming as well so thats exciting. But yeah, tracks like We're the Misfits, Last Days Of Freedom, In The Ocean Of Time, etc. Has any of my fellow Kerli fans seen these long ago and im just showing how long ive neglected checking sites for publishing and etc or are the newer titles?


    Anywho. Excited. But still cannot find any evidence of Bubblegum in the world. I know it was Kerli and Brian (Vespertine) that wrote it, but ive never seen it registered even back when. And the only rumor I heard from a big trader in like 2012 was theres a really rough studio demo but never heard of it again. Inb4 I just go to her LA place and take all her harddrives. 😂😭

    1. Moonchild


      We're the Misfits, Last Days of Freedom, In the Ocean of Time and others belong to the Roots era, me thinks (and, as far as I'm concerned, the most recent registers, of course, besides Shadow Works). This is the complete list of sessions, or at least, speculated due to the songwriting credits:

      • Blossom
      • Collide
      • Coming Out Alive
      • Diamond Hard
      • Feral Hearts
      • Follow Your Compass
      • Halfway
      • I'm Feeling You
      • In the Ocean of Time
      • Last Days of Freedom (shoutout to this one, the origin of my debut album's name and title track)
      • Racing Time
      • Sincerely
      • Solar Powered
      • Something Beautiful
      • Trippin'
      • We're the Misfits
      • What If
      • While We Still Have Wings
      • You Love Me

      Any song from these that does not sound familiar is unleaked. I'm literally  d y i n g  to have these. The titles are so good, I really love them. Also, judging by the titles, Follow Your Compass and In the Ocean of Time were the other two songs she wrote for Alice: Through the Looking Glass along with Racing Time, from which we only got the latter.

      Additionally, a pessimistic side of me believes most of the previous titles were only from songwriting camps or something, but I don't remember her being at any at the time (2015-2017). So, I prefer to believe they all were outtakes from Roots.

      On a different note, Bubblegum was really flushed from the face of the Earth. I think it was never registered, but it was apparently confirmed to be written by Kerli and Brian Ziff. Other than that, I don't think there's such a thing as a studio version. I still believe that "rough studio version" they had was only an enhanced (edited) audio of the live version. However, as I never really cared for it, I didn't really tracked it down. But I hope I'm wrong and someday it leaks so fans of the song can actually have a decent version of it.

    2. Alejandro ZM

      Alejandro ZM

      Do you have smile song from kerli? 

  5. Side note: SO happy someone uploaded the demos of Boom Boom/Karamel with Cassie. I had them years ago before they were leaked but lost them and thousands of song on my pc when it flew the coop. I love Toy and Thing of the Night (Creature) 😭👌

  6. I moved last month and finally have internet again. I hate hectic times 😭

  7. Im 30 as of 22 minites ago. I need a hug or something. Or new Kerli leaks. 😂😭


    My 'ready for the nursing home' look-


    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      You're 30?! Why are you giving me "16 year old scene kid on MySpace" vibes in your photos? You look so young boo!

      Remember age ain't nothing but a number so don't let it get you down! Have an amazing birthday <3<3<3  I hope you get all the great presents you deserve x

  8. The new Story of Seasons, formally Harvest Moon until Natsume decided to use the name for their own farming game that isnt really Harvest Moon so Marvelous renamed the real Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, is cute as hell. Some flaws that they will address and fix, but I love it still.


    One 'feature', however, is in the loading screens they show random pics people have taken and I get this one almost every damn time. A fox's X asshole.IMG_20210323_214755.jpg

  9. Also, heres my cat Mischief in her new home, apparently.IMG_20210314_040741_163.jpg

  10. Got my new TV today woooo. 50 inch and feels weird as hell. (Had a bad bad bad altercation with my mom and she busted mine, 3rd one, after punching me in the face and saying some really hurtful shit but nothing new.) Its amazing what a difference 7 inches can make. Got the new Persona game for Switch, bought Cyberpunk for ps4 again. (Refunded my digital copy cuz of how trash it was bug wise but did enjoy the story so said fuck it) and ordered the new Animal Crossing Sanrio cards.

    Sadly missed the signed Evanescence cds. And cant find a 2ds xl for a decent price. (130 new before they were officially done with production and now all are over 200 fml.) I need a new game to get into until the mew Story of Seasons drops in a week. And hyped for the Squaré Enix showcase tomorrow with a new Life is Strange.

    Bored Will And Grace GIF by Cameo

  11. Got my shit moved into the new house today. Gotta gets my moms shit tomorrow (im already wore out lol)


    But after unpacking I realized I may have issues with myself.

    (I gotta fix my Legos ugh)



    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I'm moving this weekend too! Must be the season for it!

      Thankfully I don't have as many Funkos as you to pack. :cackle: But I'm still not looking forward to having to pack up all my clothes and shit. Hopefully it's not too exhausting!

  12. There's good tracks on the new Ev album but WHY DO THEY ALL SOUND LIKE THEY WERE MIXED HORRIBLY.

    Shit Amy. If it wasnt you, hire someone new.download (1).gif

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Post it for us queen!

    2. Savages


      Its in the LL thread 😬

  13. Amy Lee is a goddess.

    AmyLee-EricRyanAnderson-2021 (1).jpgAmyLee-EricRyanAnderson-2021-5.jpgAmyLee-EricRyanAnderson-2021-4.jpgAmyLee-EricRyanAnderson-2021-2.jpg

  14. Ive never had a flu shot make me sick but jfc. The nurse legit popped it in my shoulder like she was stabbing me, didnt get deep in the muscle because as she plunged it some just came right back out. Within 20 min I was pukey. That night I was having hot and cold sweats, achey all over, and a migraine. Day 2 and I slept off and on all day and when I finally could wake up fully, I just feel sick. I dont have a knot like I nornally get (and nothing else) but my whole shoulder is slightly swollen and hard at. And it hurts. I know most of this is common with people having the shot but shit man. I can handle pain but the aching all over and constantly feeling nauseous in over.

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      This was just a fly shot? Not the COVID vaccine?

      I've only had a handful of flu shots in my life, but the last one I had made me pretty sick...To be fair it was probably my fault for drinking and smoking weed after though. :cackle: I was better by the next day though!

      Hope you get well soon! <3 

  15. Man, forgot how much I love this. Alexa Vega, Paris Hilton, and Sarah Brightman are so good. Gimme a sequel 😭🙏


     (Wish Paris/Amber Sweet had more music and screen time tho lol)

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I forgot about this! I only knew about it because of Paris and it always seemed like such a bizarre project for her to be attached to. Love the idea for a plot though.

  16. I keep forgetting The Bitter Truth comes out next month. 🙏 Don't let me down Amy. DO NOT.

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      She and Ben Moody need to just sort out their differences and reunite as the original version of Evanescence. Nothing they've done since he left has matched their early recordings imo.




    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      I literally was so shook when I saw this... :shocked: I had to go to his Insta stories to check for myself if it was true and I couldn't believe it when I saw he'd really posted it!

  18. The whole era starting with Army of Love wouldve slaaaayed. Really wish there was a soundboard recording of the whole sxsw show. At least id have bubblegum that waaay


    1. Moonchild


      What do we have from the Weapons of Mass Creation album (the one Army of Love belongs to)?

      • Army of Love
      • Blow the Speakers Up
      • Bullet
      • Happy Pill
      • Heart Line
      • Immortal
      • Legends (Original Version)
      • Love Bomb
      • Music Is Dead
      • Weapons of Mass Creation
      • Zero Gravity (potentially, before being included in Utopia before it was shortened into an EP)

      Basically an album-worth-of bunch of tracks!

      I believe Dollface, Scream and When You Cry belong to a project apart. Possibly, Bubblegum and XO are with them. And Hungover, Just Like That, I'll Find You, All the Way, and Black & Yellow, could fit there too (but they most likely were not intended for that album, though I like to believe they were). That's what I call I.Nimene, but we know practically nothing from that one. And it intrigues me in a cosmic level.

    2. Savages


      I.Nimene always has intrigued me. And im curious what album, the original 2nd, had Red Flags, Ill Find You, and Yes I Can. Red Flags is one of my all time favorite song from her. I remember getting the soundboard recordings from that Taalin show and dreamed of the studio version. 

      Just think of all the registered songs she has, and how many albums have been scrapped. It sickens me lmao.

      Hell, I was the one who got us Music Is Dead, Bullet, and Love Bomb from the original Kolbalt website. You could search and preview their database and idk, I fiddled with the url of the previews because you could download them and I kid you not, I put =full vs =clip or preview icr and it downloaded the full song. Had I been smart id gotten all kinds of shit from there but Kerli was my only concern. At the time she had one more registered on there, The Island, but the preview was broke and the same way for the others was too. Now she has had so many songs registered and cowritten with Kolbalt artists but they changed their site and the catalogues not public. 😭

      I'd buy Bubblegum from someone (if/when I have money). But id like to know its out there most of all. I heard from a SIN user back in the day a rough rough really rough demo was and tried to say uhm idc gimme but never got it or heard of it again. Hell I originally got into music trading thru Kerli AND SIN. Someone uploaded 2 10 second clips, Scar Tissue and Speed Limit, in reverse in youtube and I searched the entire web and came across SIN. Made a friend that decided he could trust me and gave me both. Then later surprised me with the studio of Red Flags. Good times. I need more nice peeps like that. Send me Kerli shit. 😭

    3. Moonchild


      Now that you brought up Red Flags, I believe that Army of Angels was a prototype of a sort of album for 2009, before turning it into I.Nimene. It would contain Army of Angels, Red Flags, Moonflower, When Nobody Loves You and other rock-inflicted songs that go along with it. Yes I Can was definitely from the same sessions, but she only created it for the show, with no intentions to release it (I kinda feel meh towards it, same with Bubblegum). But the Army of Angels album is not confirmed, just a theory of mine.

      And OMG at you bringing us the best of the Weapons of Mass Creation album! Music Is Dead, Bullet and Love Bomb are my favourites from there, along with Army of Love. I'm sure that having access to that platform must have been an invaluable treasure!

  19. 🎶

    I got so many to choose from I could be chewing for days, and I wont share with the classroom, dont give a fuck what you say. nervous disney channel GIF




    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      When the edible kicks in two hours late and you're already at grandma's house


  20. Sorry for all the status updates but im just, fucking elated. Some of yall dont understand how much of a Kerli stan ive been since 07/08, and how HARD I was stanning this cybergoth stupid pop phase of hers, and we ultimately didnt get it. I distinctly remember making my ex pull over when she performed at Kiss Me Deadly, remember screaming over them not airing a few songs she sang live to the online audience, and remember just BOPPIN to Bubblegum, When You Cry, and then later that summer Dollface. When I was still in with the (SIN) trading, that era was all I wanted to find 😂 Lost my shit when we finally got a studio When You Cry. Totalled my car leaving my ex's place a few years back, after I caught him cheating on me, stayed with a coworker and woke up to the Dollface leak. (My priorities lol)



    Basically what im saying is

    For the love of god leak more if this era, is what in saying. Mainly Bubblegum. 🙏😂 kgnite and th person who leaked 🙏🙏🙏💛

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      It’s so cool when an era you’ve been interested in for so many years finally starts surfacing online! I can only imagine how excited I would be if Gaga’s ‘Quicksand’ ever leaked. :cackle: Enjoy it!

    2. Moonchild


      I'm always craving for Kerli material even if I found her in like early 2017. I was completely destroyed after the Roots era got shelved, and knowing that Utopia remains incomplete without Made for Loving You.... and all of the songs that must be unknown from 2010-2012 might be just strikingly good! If songs in the vein of Scream / When You Cry / Dollface ever begin surfacing in more quantities, I might (just might) die happy!!! :yaskween: 


    Holy shit. I really enjoy Something Beautiful, and Happy Pill may be silly but I REALLY enjoyed Kerli doing that weird pop. Makes me want more from that era and Bubblegum so much more. 😞 Just gimme bubblegum before I die. Kaythnx.

    1. Savages


      Weapons of Mass Creation is so cheesy but another of those poppy weird songs from that time I NEED MORE omg.

    2. Moonchild


      LOL same! My favourite is Something Beautiful. Weapons of Mass Creation and Happy Pill are cool because they are from the same project as Bullet, Blow the Speakers Up, Army of Love... I'm not really looking for Bubblegum, but I'm sure there has to be more songs from those years. We didn't even know about the existence of Happy Pill, so I believe there could be more!

  22. Really wish I stanned singers that actually released music.

    Someone leak some Kerli xo

    Anything, but would love some shit from the scrapped sessions for the 2nd album. (would still sell a nut to have bubblegums demo or a soundboard recording just somethinggg)





    Its dry as a desert out here.🙃

    1. Moonchild


      Didn't she say in one of her most recent vlogs (like, yesterday, or so) that she is releasing new music soon? I also remembered she didn't want to say she was working on music until she was close to release it or something like that, but it was long ago, maybe around a year.

      Also, some Kerli songs leaked recently: Weapons of Mass Creation (finally, but the lyrics let me down), Happy Pill (many parts are cringey but it's a bop), Dinohorror and Candy (both 2006-7, they're bad tracks tbh), and Something Beautiful, allegedly from the Roots (2016) sessions.

      But yeah, I'd love some more songs from her. I wanna believe there are songs from that I.Nimene project before Weapons of Mass Creation, and there's Made for Loving You, and all of the Roots sessions... we need all that.

    2. Savages




      ...do you had links?

      Literally freaking out RN 🙏🙏🙏😭

    3. Moonchild
  23. Cant believe I dont keep up with music for a bit and miss WDBCF leaking.

    Thats cool tho, wish the quality was better? Idk. And Porcelain finally released Thorns but more so Hurt.

    Does anyone have any of the original files so I dont have to rip them from YouTube? (CUNT, I'll mever Feel Like Hom, and Thorns)


    Also has anything Kerli came to light? Cuz she aint doing nothing.


    Guess ima replay Hurt for 2 hours till Cyberpunk releases on PS4. KEANU HERE I COME.

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Is Cyberpunk as bad as everyone says? :stretcher: People make out like it's unplayable but I'm sure it's not that bad?

    2. Savages


      I refunded it. 😪 I enjoyed it, ngl. But on PS4 and Xbox One its a bug haven. Heard PC was a but buggy but good but my biggest issue was how they made it out to be this big ambitious RPG with all choices affecting your playthru as well as loads to explore, romance options, etc. All cut and dry. I mean there's easily 100x locked doors with nothing behind them vs places and stores you can actually visit. Cant even use street vendors. 

      It had, and could still have, potential. Ima see in a few months.

  24. I was wrongfully fired from the gas station I worked a year at back in March. Just got my unemployment approved (been waiting since april) and now have 8 grand. Suck it cargo. ❤

    1. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      You officially have more money in your bank account than Kerli! :hail: 

  25. Everyone knows id give a nut for some unreleased Kerli but. More than anything id love to have CLs All In, in full. We never getting it 😭

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    2. Savages


      Must be nice @Joan


      And I KNOW @Skinny Legend

      We waited so long and, at least what was recorded prior to now, well never get unless leaked. Makes me sooo sad cause she has such potential and so many bangers.

      But id happily settle for All In. It bops hard. 😭

    3. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      Hopefully one day... :yeah: She has too many bops for them to remain unreleased.

    4. Marnstar


      All her best bops are unreleased :yeah:

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