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  1. just produced something and the lead synth is honestly giving text u pictures by gaga (not mad honestly)


    yall want a preview?


    1. Bambi101


      I love your beats!!! Serve KING

    2. primadonna
  2. yes, i'm a bitch:

    B =  Beautiful

    I  =   Individual

    T =   That

    C  =  Corrects

    H  =    Hoes 

  3. rich boi is amazing.

  4. Mannequin Factory really had potential. wow. she messed up BIG TIME.

    1. Bambi101


      It was definitely going to be A MOMENT! I'm still bitter about it being scrapped all these years after :die:

    2. primadonna


      rightt!! her and Neon deserve so much better. ❤️

  5. ngl, my new header looked godawful. 💀

  6. i’d rather live my life to the fullest than to conduct myself in a certain way to gain approval from others. i have no regrets and especially no apologies.

  7. beyond tired of this drama. it's literally a whole 6 season reality show. :cackle:

    1. Bambi101


      And it's not even available to stream on Netflix! It's a Hulu exclusive

    2. primadonna
  8. i truly don't give a flying fuck about the trading community. you don't impact me, bitch. my username is my username and i will do what i want with it. get over it.

  9. as long as she releases forever 21 as a single, i could care less about the album being dropped on streaming.
  10. no but i remember listening to Red (entirely, since i had only heard the singles) for the first time last year...tell me why she announced Red (Taylor´s Version) on instagram four hours later...👀

  11. even though i´m not really a ¨swiftie¨, red, lover and 1989 are amazing.

  12. nah but love y´all!!

  13. so what we´ve all gathered today, is i have no rare material, and overall? i´m just a snippet fisher looking any clips i can find. :cackle:

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