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  1. hey @Kristian Karlsson!! so i was watching the photoshoot for the album and it seems like the album was supposed to be named ¨Madison Beer¨. however, just assuming.
  2. love your tracklist! and oh my god, thank you so much!! so happy you like it!
  3. https://www.deviantart.com/imarrythenight/art/Madison-Beer-2013-Album-MADISON-Album-Art-904157867 here´s what i also made! :))
  4. thank you so much! i also have another cover in way better quality (it´s just the madison beer logo from 2013 and the same photo above.) but it´s higher than the required size on here.
  5. thank you for making this! early last year was my first time listening to Melodies, and i was wondering if there was leaks for the album. anyways, here´s my fan made album: MADISON (2013) 1. Melodies 2. Clumsy 3. Hit Me Back 4. Don´t You Tell Me (feat. Justin Bieber) 5. Crimes 6. Shooting Star (feat. Tayla Parx) 7. Possy 8. Valentine (feat. Cody Simpson) 9. Never Your Girl 10. Unbreakable 11. Out Loud 12. Silhouette Bonus Track: 13. Something Sweet 14. If I Could Read Your Mind info: cove
  6. ooh! i feel like we´re about to get this song real shortly.
  7. bonnie´s work is amazing sis, not sure we´re listening to the same artist...
  8. so sorry :(( and agreed regarding Forever 21. are you still gonna be active on here?
  9. thank you! BM is and should be the main focus of this thread and i just want this drama to stop.
  10. thank you for understanding man. it´s hard and i´m sorry for my comments attacking others but i´m tired of constantly being mocked. i am human and i´m not always right and i fucked up (the evidence is in the last posts) but there´s a reason for everything. what i did is not justifiable but i´m tired of me and my mental health being a JOKE here. i most likely won´t leave again though, but i´ll need a break. this is too much and i thank you again for understanding. this is plain bullying and i´m tired of it.
  11. i literally apologized for that. why are you still bringing that up, i apologized and I MOVED ON. get over it.
  12. you´re literally fake though?? you and i were chill (we even talked privately) until people started turning on me and mocking me. you´re just as awful as them and that´s not even an opinion, that´s FACT.
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