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  1. I figured some might like this. I was able to confirm with Mickey Shiloh that Britney Recorded this song but chose He About To Lose Me for her album instead. I can only imagine how great it is with Britney vocals❤️
  2. Not trying to be annoying. Just trying to spread the journey of songs and how they land where they do 🖖 but I won’t post here anymore
  3. Thanks. I have a post about Lolene on my insta. Check it out!
  4. I’ve created a discord server to chat about music if anyone is interested. I’ll be posting about all different pop artists daily. https://discord.gg/pnJBAJe2
  5. Thank you. I will be premiering lost of content t on my YouTube channel check it out! Lots of Britney stuff to come. Someone uploaded the audio to YouTube. She sounded strong and confident i think #FREEBRITNEY
  6. I’m glad. She needs all of our support rn. There will be much revealed soon!
  7. I’ll be xclusively revealing my next confirmed Britney Demo on the.original.doll podcast. It’s a song that Britney actually laid vocals too. Follow me on Instagram @xposedsongs and the.original.doll Podcast @the.original.doll also Follow my YouTube Channel Xposed Songs for song demos/rejects/unreleased and Britney Demo Reveals. I also post some xclusive stuff there. And also the.original.doll posts xclusive content on Patreon. Lots of Britney info coming soon!
  8. Hi everyone. I’m Xposed Songs. I love listening to music and talking about music and basically everything about music. I like sharing information about music and discussing released and unreleased music. Follow me on Instagram @xposedsongs for tons of content and my new YouTube Channel Xposed Songs where I just revealed a Britney Spears Demo. The song has been around for awhile but now it can be seen in a whole new light as it was written for the Princess of Pop herself… Britney Spears👍
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