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  1. I guess it's possible! If Lauren and Tayla were involved, it doesn't sound like Avril wrote it all by herself so they could have shopped it to Hilary first. We'll have to find the writing credits for the Hilary version and see if they match.
  2. Did Avril write the song? Idk, I know it's been years but I still feel like there's bad blood between Hilary and Avril... I can't imagine Hilary singing a song she'd written.
  3. That and her turning down the "Lizzie McGuire goes to high school" spin-off are the only decisions Hilary's ever made that I disagree with.
  4. Welcome to PHF boo! It's so cool to see you stanning Kerli and Taylor! I've had phases of obsession with both of them even though I haven't really checked for either lately. I hope you make lots of friends here and enjoy your time on PHF!
  5. I know, I've seen the episode! But the instrumental sounds really familiar...I'm sure it's been used for another song somewhere (or something that sounds super similiar to it).
  6. What is this instrumental from? It sounds just like something Kesha or The Wanted or someone would have released... You mean there was a phone that came with unreleased songs on it?
  7. This can't be real... It sounds absolutely dreadful...
  8. How dare you say Ariana isn’t a POC? After all the fake tan, hair dye, makeup, surgeries, voice alterations and rapper boyfriends, doesn’t she finally deserve to be seen as black like she so badly wants? Honestly, I’m willing to take Lana’s statement that these are her favourite artists at face value. Even though she’s never really shown any love to any of the others, she’s consistently supported Ariana, even down to covering her in a prominent performance and obviously appearing on ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ as a favour to Ariana. Even if she’s self destructing I can’t imagine her ruining a personal friendship for no reason. I think what she said was just worded really poorly.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised...I think she broke up with her boyfriend as well so things might be getting a little dark for her. I wish that instead of praying for her downfall, people could be praying for her wellbeing rn. It's crazy how high the suicide rate has gotten since COVID.
  10. This is kinda looking bad. She's telling her stan accounts on Insta to fuck off? And: Is this some kind of breakdown?
  11. I'm really going to enjoy "You just hate me because you don't want to believe that a woman could be beautiful, strong and fragile at the same time, loving and all inclusive by making personal reparations simply for the joy of doing it". I'll always love Lana but this thing is going way too far...
  12. Lana has made quite the stir with her latest Instagram post! While the comments vary from supportive to upset, she has gained over a million new followers since making it which I guess means she's saying something right. In the post, Lana criticises the media for attacking her for "glorifying abusive relationships" while simultaneously upholding girls like Ariana, Beyoncé and Cardi for making songs about having sex and cheating. She also subtly dropped the news that her next album will be released on September 5th, and that she has two new poetry books on the way! While I fully agree with her point and disagree with anyone who's criticising her, I don't think it was necessary to bring up the other girls. She seems to be implying that "being sexy", "wearing no clothes" and "fucking" are on the same level as "abusive relationships", when Imo the former is very clearly acceptable and the latter isn't. What do you guys think?
  13. One of Britney's best unreleased songs! :yaskween: 



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