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  1. Has anyone gone to see Blade Runner 2049 yet? I just got back from seeing it then and I'm totally obsessed, it was brilliant from start to finish!

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    2. drewbby


      I thought the movie was absolutely brilliant! The score alone left me in shambles. 

    3. Countess


      @Whoknowsmehere You're lucky you live near such a good view! I live close to a big city so sadly there's nothing too beautiful around here. ;)

      @drewbby The score was brilliant, especially those jarring percussion moments they had during the action scenes! My favourite use of music definitely had to be that scene in the casino with the Elvis song playing though, that was so climactic and suspenseful to watch.

    4. drewbby


      Favorite musical moment was when K got to where Deckard was and it was just those really loud percussion notes that held so much dramatic suspense. God I’m still shook

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