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  2. Im 30 as of 22 minites ago. I need a hug or something. Or new Kerli leaks. 😂😭 My 'ready for the nursing home' look-
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  3. Milk & Honey...I know watchu need
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  4. I miss your sexy profile picture Why do we have this bland old beige one now king?
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  5. OMG YEAHH I FINALLY FINISHED MY SECOND ALBUM The coolest thing is it's coming in like two weeks, so it's basically a month after the first one. I'm crying rn
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  6. The new Story of Seasons, formally Harvest Moon until Natsume decided to use the name for their own farming game that isnt really Harvest Moon so Marvelous renamed the real Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, is cute as hell. Some flaws that they will address and fix, but I love it still. One 'feature', however, is in the loading screens they show random pics people have taken and I get this one almost every damn time. A fox's X asshole.
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  7. Stop EVERYTHING! Chemtrails over the Country Club is out, go stream it now! What a masterpiece.
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