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    Did you know you could see how many reputations you gave and how many reputations you received in detail ? You just need to add "reputation" at the end of the link of the profil member of your choice. Fo example, with my reputations : I also tried with @Whoknowsmehere to see how many negative reputations he received in his phf career. Sadly we can't see negative reputations anymore. But @Whoknowsmehere has 1052 positive reputations and 1532 positive reputations received, so he got 500 dislikes i guess
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    I have Kiss The Night Goodbye There’s another version of it on dbree already that leaked some time ago but this version sounds different
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    These sounded more like her than the other songs. However a few of these were already on the other version; but these are longer. Shallow is on the internet but like a 30 second clip of it.
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    Slowly been getting into Little Mix lately so I'm happy to see this! Nice job!
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    Before we had the big Down vote wars some time ago, I had around 3000 +reputation points. And very few Negative Points. Probably less then 25 in all the time I had been here up to that point. But we had a number of idiots that came on board here at PHF and went on a terror and started downvoting all the best members. And since I am the Best of the Best Members (LOL), they really went after me. I lost almost 1,000 points in one day. Yes. In one day these idiots went through all my amazing posts and for no other reason then they were jealous stooges, they down voted as many of my posts as they could. Finally after I was down voted to around 600 +reputation points, Skinny Legend did away with the down vote button. I almost left the board during that time, but being the Amazing Person that I am, I persevered. And I am still here sharing my awesomeness with all of you. You are welcome.

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