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    This is the most promo Eva's done in her whole career! There's a couple of cute tracks on there, but nothing as good as her later stuff and it's very dated now imo. Still cute to hear and it's nice she finally did it for her fans!
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    She just posted all 25 !!! https://m.soundcloud.com/evasimons/sets/eva-simons-unreleased-demos/s-vvHJkwOToZj
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    This is awesome! So striking!
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    Nobody was banned from the server, Liberation had kicked inactive people who didn't speak or had spoke once in a blue moon many many months ago, most of them requesting something or looking for unreleased. With over 1,000 members and not even a quarter of them being active/partaking in server discussion etc, the server was needing a long overdue server clean up as we believe quality over quantity and want it to be the pop music server it was created for, and not just another place to beg for leaks and trade unreleased. With that said, the server invites were closed and will stay closed until the server has finished it's clean up and put some rules in place to keep and make it tidy and active for the right reasons. If you were active in the server and did speak and had been kicked, message me your @ and we can check and reinvite you to the server, as Liberation said he had problems with the search function. When they reopen, it'll be posted here. So keep an eye on here and feel free to be active on the forum too!
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    I never actually got around to finishing this season! And now there's another two that I have to catch up on. This show will not let me breathe!
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    Not gonna lie- I had to watch with subtitles! 😳 (I’m an American) Fun season though!
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    no of course not but you should develop your style a bit more and when you think you're ready to perform you should go for it!
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    You ask what's wrong with me? My best friend Lesley said "he's just being Tweener"
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