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    I think they burned up the stage! 🔥🔥 They’re both so hot though... Pique, you lucky bastard 😜 I really enjoyed the performance, song choices & the mixing! 10/10
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    Honestly, J. Lo could have pulled this off as a solo act (and Shakira probably could have done the same if she were to release a new hit single before the Superbowl). It's kind of weird they're doing it as a double act but hopefully they'll both get time to shine and it will make the show even better!
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    Of course she doesn't have money. She doesn't release any of the songs her fans beg her to and she hasn't written a hit for anyone in years. I used to love her and her music but at this point I can't help but feel like she's just being lazy.
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    I really enjoyed the Hilary Duff demos, but the only songs I really listened to were Gaga's 'I Wanna Be With You' and a bunch of Lana demos like 'Lust For Life' and 'Tomorrow Never Came'.
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    I love this! I can also see it working really well as an 'Architecture' or 'The Next Best American Record' single cover.
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    MANDY MOORE | Silver Landings (album)
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    It was a cute performance, but definitely just seemed like another stage performance. I enjoyed the song choices though!
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    Well in my opinion both were amazing. And it was the best superbowl halftime show I've seen. Katy perry and Lady Gaga could never outmatch Shakira and Jlo
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    This was today, obviously... It was a pretty good performance and great energy from both of them! Kind of boring to watch Shakira lip sync her whole set but J. Lo's choreography and stage design made up for the lip syncing she was doing. Not one of my favourite Super Bowl shoes, but at least it beats Coldplay! What did you guys think?
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    HAHAHA... the single was pushed to 7th of February.
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    This was Jessie's situation too. She lost her laptop or something and thus, loss a bunch of tracks. To be honest, I feel like there should be more than 1 copy of these files floating around. If we can get Lana's laptop demos, studio recordings should be easier.
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    I mean... after 7 years they’re still not released. So I think it's safe to say that ‘she’ will not release them anymore.
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    Updated. November was definitely the best month music-wise this year
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    Yeah, after In My Defense we don't need another Iggy project in the same year. She has to stop talking about her money and I will go back to her fandom. Lowkey I have high hopes for this EP to be better than the whole In My Defense, but I ain't really sure. 4 tracks, and knowing Iggy's songs' length, is almost an insult. It will last for ten minutes or something.
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    Idk about that sis...Gaga turned the stage out all by herself and she's the only person I've seen actually sing live at the Super Bowl. Shaki and J. Lo put on a great show but the guys were unnecessary and they were lip syncing the whole thing.
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