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    Natalia Kills - The Collection Disc 1 1. Mirrors 2. Zombie 3. Wonderland 4. Break You Hard 5. Free (feat. will.i.am) 6. Kill My Boyfriend 7. If I Was God 8. Lights Out (Junior Caldera feat. Far East Movement & Natalia Kills) 9. Saturday Night 10. Controversy 11. Saturday Night 12. Outta Time 13. Boys Don't Cry 14. Devils Don't Fly 15. Trouble Disc 2 1. Diamond Days 2. Mr. Watson 3. Hatefuck 4. I Want It Now 5. My Way 6. Riot In My Heart 7. Hush (HOLYWATER feat. Cruel Youth) 8. Birds (IZII feat. The Powder Room) 9. Part VII (Prequell feat. Cruel Youth) 10. Til I See You Again (UNSECRET feat. The Powder Room) 11. Don't Play Nice 12. Hey Boy 13. Real Woman 14. Devil In Paradise 15. Portrait of a Female
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    MARINA - Diamond Collection 1. Primadonna 2. Hollywood 3. Froot 4. Lies 5. Handmade Heaven 6. Obsessions 7. Orange Trees 8. Baby 9. Oh No! 10. How To Be a Heartbreaker 11. Shampain 12. Radioactive 13. Mowgli's Road 14. Blue 15. Scab + Plaster 16. I'm Not Hungry Anymore 17. Please Don't Call Me
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    Oops!... I Did It Again I Wanna Go 3 Toxic Womanizer Piece of Me Till the World Ends Work Bitch Scream & Shout (with will.i.am) Me Against The Music (Feat. Madonna) I'm a Slave 4 U Make Me (Feat. G-Eazy) Everytime Gimme More ...Baby One More Time
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    CD 1 01. So Yesterday 02. Why Not 03. Come Clean 04. Our Lips Are Sealed (feat. Haylie Duff) 05. Fly 06. Wake Up 07. Beat Of My Heart 08. Play With Fire 09. With Love 10. Stranger 11. Reach Out (And Touch Me) 12. Chasing The Sun 13. All Abou You 14. Sparks 15. My Kind CD 2 (Deluxe Edition) 01. I Can't Wait 02. Little Voice 03. Wat Dreams Are Made Of 04. Someone's Watching Over Me 05. Jericho 06. Supergirl 07. Now You Know 08. Crash World 09. Holiday 10. Any Other Day 11. Little Lies 12. Youngblood 13. This Heart (Previously Unreleased) 14. Carry On (Previously Unreleased) 15. (I'll Give) Anything But Up (2019 Remix)
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    Hello, everyone! Welcome to Daily Tea Time! Hosted by yours truly. I will be spilling tea/sharing drama with you guys every day if y'all react well! Anyways, the tea for today is a story from my trip to an arcade the other day. I saw this little girl and her younger brother on a Dance Dance Revolution machine, and when they were done, I leaned over after finishing my Tetris game and asked, "How'd you get so good at bowling...?" (Referencing a vine). They both just stared at me. I then asked, "That's bowling, right?" To which the girl walked away laughing. Then, later, two other girls used the machine and I asked the same question. They stared at me and I asked my second question again. TheSE CHICKS THOUGHT I WAS MENTALLY HANDICAPPED. She bends down to look me in the eyes and says slowly "This is Dance Dance Revolution, sweetie!" They then strolled away like nothing happened. Ive been in awe how UNCULTURED these fucking people are of vines. It churns my stomach. It literally wants to make me vomit. I'm literally shaking and crying and pissing and screaming on the floor right now because of how UNCULTURED those kids are of vines.
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    what the fuck has happened to this forum
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    Bebe Rexha - Bad Bitch (The Greatest Hits) 01. I Can't Stop Drinking About You 02. I'm Gonna Show You Crazy 03. Don' Need Anyhing 04. Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj and David Guetta) 05. No Broken Hearts (feat. Nicki Minaj) 06. In The Name Of Love (feat. Martin Garrix) 07. I Got You 08. F.F.F (feat. G-Eazy) 09. The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody) (feat. Lil Wayne) 10. Meant To Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line) 11. I'm a Mess 12. Say My Name (feat. David Guetta) 13. Last Hurrah 14. Call You Mine (feat. The Chainsmokers) 15. Harder (feat. Jax Jones)
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    lmao. I just noticed that. She defo had a nose job.

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