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    I wasn't that big of a fan of the first Frozen, but the trailer for the sequel has me SHOOK. I'm so ready to see Elsa embrace her inner bad bitch and truly walk on water!
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    Slay! I feel like this would've worked so much better for her. Plus, "Body Language" was that bop of a song.
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    Heidi Pratt You Don't Even Know
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    I'm pretty excited for this one
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    Michelle Branch - West Coast Time (2011) Justice for this shelved album!!!
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    Tinashe: Make Me Learn Me Leave It The Same Give No Fucks By Your Side better leak soon
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    Leak That Kinda Guy by Avril Lavigne, Pop the Balloons by Charli XCX and My Way by Ariana Grande.
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    It's amazing to me that we FINALLY have Breakaway yet we don't have this one (even when 2 artists have covered it). Seriously, I need some Avril leaks to happen. Her breaks in between records are way too long.
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    Avril Lavigne - Daydream We have clips, but I'd love to hear her version in full. I believe it was being considered as the first single from Under My Skin at one point.
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    Heidi Montag Body Language Fanmade Album

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