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    For everyone who was quick to interpret my words, I didn't say all the new members from 2018 were only in the Trading thread, I was just shocked at how many of them are exclusively looming in the Trading thread. Do us all a favour and don't be so quick on the defensive, chances are, you are the great ones that I voted for because you went so far as to find my post.
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    @Tweener! Happy birthday to one of the OG members on PHF and one of the most well-loved members we've ever had! Even though @Tweener and I aren't as close as we once were, I still have a special place in my heart for him and I know he's a big reason why PHF is what it is today. Baby, I hope you have a great day filled with some good friends, good presents, good food and even better dick! I hope you enjoy middle school this year as much as you liked elementary school!
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    ILY Thank you for kind words
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    Hahahahhaha! Thank you guys! I love all of you. Even tho I might be a bitch from time to time, I'm also a very loving person
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    Don't think it's that deep babe Xx
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    Thank u ;) Better speak less than speak bullshit :P Thanks to anybody who contributes to PFP & make this a great forum!
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    Thanks Joined in 2018, i have created 38 topics (a lot in Collection and Daily Life), i tried to participate a lot to the forum, not so easy when nobody speaks by the way ... And i spoke with a lot of members here to get all my unleaked unreleased. I don't think i'm so transparent, i am ? In less than 1 year, i managed to get almost all the unreleased in circulation (not so bad for someone who only start trading with a fake High School Musical demo ). @Music XXclusives also joined in 2018. He has created a lot of great topics (and i didn't forget him in my votes ). He also knows a lot of things about music and it's always a pleasure to read his posts. I thought he was dumb and annoying when he joined PHF, but now he is a great member. @Turn the lights also joined in 2018, always posts the new leaks (good when absolutely nobody else does it). And she tried to participate in other threads like the Ashley Tisdale thread she always keep update ... She helps some other members when they need help to find songs or links. @Mr. Watson also created some topics like Paradiso Girls and Kesha masterpost (and big thank you) and enable me to discover some good singers that i didn't even know. @Marin and @ruifilipe don't speak so much but their interventions are relevant. The forum is not so active and when a new member joined, @Skinny Legend like to dislikes their posts (i remember he used to that when i joined and he keeps to do that with new members, how nice to enable new members to stay ). And the old members don't make many efforts to integrate the news members, they don't speak a lot and always act like if news members were dumb. Thanks God @Whoknowsmehere and @Turn Ya Head are nice with everybody. I remember @Whoknowsmehere make me feel comfortable since the beginning. What a lovely member .
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    We definitely need more Hannah Montana content. But thanks. It's cool.
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    Quite ironic you say that considering...
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    Happy birthday bitch! @Tweener
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    I still haven't met the bitchy Tweener you're talking about Just kidding, you're one of the kindest members here. I couldn't be more grateful towards you for all your involvement with the forum
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    I'm glad that there's still so many days left to vote because i went to fill the form and realised that i'll have to decide between some members in most categories
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    It was hard as hell to pick only one person for each category (specially the gayest member lmao) But good luck to everyone and I hope the awards are given to people who deserve it! #JoanForBestMember
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    Can you leak the Old Blue Jeans instrumental? Because that shit is fire!
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    Don't let your unreleased gather dust. Send me everything. I'll take care of them, i'll be their daddy.
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    I actually do, I'm actually rewatching it at the moment. That's an amazing show and she has amazing style (or whoever styled her)

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